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Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Raining.

That stinks.

I can only hope the skies get it all out of their system and let me have my weekend...dry.

I am on here again, basically, to gloat. No, not really. Well....maybe a little. :-)

After a picnic in the mechanics yard while we got our car inspected, a visit to Matt's work, an extended trip to the bank, and then to the grocery store, we FINALLY got home at 3:00. That was WAY longer than I wanted to be gone. ARGH! (Needless to say, I was a WEE bit stressed.) Now comes the happy part: In three hours I finished... TEN pies. I am a hot and sweaty pig. And I am tired. But I am happy. The secret to success? I did myself a HUGE favor and bought premade piecrusts. Wow-since I always make the crusts myself, I had NO idea how much time it really takes to do so! Boy was this a SERIOUS shortcut!

You may be asking-WHERE were the children during her pie-making expedition. To that, I have only to ask, "Children? WHAT children??"

No really, for about an hour they took a later-than-usual nap and then when Matt got home, he took them outside to play (Wonderful MAN!)

So-here is my bake sale list THUS far. And as it seems right now, the list of things we will be eating OURSELVES in the next week or two.

2 Lemonade Pies
2 Butter Pecan Pumkin Ice cream pies
2 Strawberry Rhubard Pies
2 Creamy Peach Pies
2 Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pies

About a gazillion Jumbo Molasses cookies
A Dozen Spiced Apple Butter muffins
2 loaves Tropical Banana bread
A dozen iced cinnamon rolls

I also have a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge now...

I sure hope this weather CLEARS up. As nice as it would be to have these treats in the freezer for last minute entertaining and such...I want to make some MONEY! Especially after all that work!


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Charree said...

The picture is gorgeous. I hope that it stops raining for you too. I has rained everyday here and all teh plants are dying because of too much rain. Have a great day!

Kelli said...

Rain, rain go away!!! Rebecca, your pies and other goodies sound fabulous..YUM! I use premade piecrusts sometimes too..they sure are quick! Good thinking!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your yard sale Rebecca! I hope it is successful, and I hope it doesn't rain!! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a great day!

Oh, and you have to let me know what lemonade pie is, I have never heard of it before, but you have got me curious!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

We had a big rain storm yesterday, and while we needed rain, I'm horribly afraid that my garden drowned. So as I'm pleading with God for my garden, I'll also mention your yard sale :o}

smilnsigh said...

FANTASTIC baking spree!!!!!! Even with extra nap time and goood Dadddddy help, it's still an amazing feat!

I so hope the weather cooperates with you. Fingers and toes crossed.

Clear sky hugs to you,

Lori B said...

We are having rain here too.

Sounds like you are having lots of yummy baked goods.
I just ate a piece of yummy strawberry pie.

Anonymous said...

You are Superwoman...you know that dontcha???
Come on girl...you're making us all look bad!
Just kidding,you're great! A real inspiration!

Carmichael Family said...

Has the rain let up? I sure hope so! I thought you said some of the things you baked were in the freezer? Maybe those will still be good if you postponed the yard sale?

Abigail said...

Okay, after reading that bakesale list, I'm about ready for the launching of your recipe blog. I'll just sit here and wait until you get it up...

Rebecca said...

Catherine~I am doing another one in two weeks so hopefully, I will be able to make some money THEN.

Abby~it is coming-but first I want to figure out how to put one of my OWN pictures at the top of the blog. Being the computer idiot that I am...let's jsut say it might take a bit of time! :-)