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Friday, May 11, 2007

A new project

Where ever, with whom ever, how ever, WHEN ever we finally put down roots...I would love to have our home be chock FULL of as much *life* and natural beauty as the year will allow. We've got the 'life' part down-but I want to fill our yard up with growing things for all the months of the year so there is always something beautiful to look at.

Unfortunately, I am incapable of doing this with my modest knowledge of flowering plants and shrubs. This year, I have been keenly aware of the progression of flowers since the snow left us and have decided to start a nature journal/calendar.

Each 'chapter' will be a month of the year and will house the flowers that bloom during that month.

Each PAGE will highlight a particular flower or plant.

For each plant I will include:

~a pressed leaf specimen (and for flowering plants-a flower and/or petal)
~The months that it begins and fades
~Location and soil information
~A photograph and/or watercolor

Unfortunately, since I just got this idea, I missed plants like forsythia and BARELY got to the bleeding hearts. I guess I will start my journal with April. :-)

Here is the first pressing.
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Leah said...


I've been catching up on blogs(again). I immediately thought of this website when you mentioned a nature journal/calendar. It is a free online curriculum that I will be using for our boys this year. We just don't have the funds to purchase anything else right now. (I'm going to post about this curriculum on my blog one of these days.) Anyway, even though it's for children I don't see any reason why you couldn't use it for some ideas. Here's the web address; http://amblesideonline.org/NatureSch.shtml . I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Leah said...

Where'd your archives go? They were here just a minute ago. Hmmm.

Kelli said...

Now that is a wonderful idea, Rebecca! Not only will your journal be beautiful but it will be full of useful imformation!
P.s Did you get my email?

JenIG said...

my goodness that is a gorgeous idea!

Gena said...

Your journal is a great idea. I try to keep a journal of what I plant each year, where I plant it and how it does in our weather.

When you do get your dream house and garden, I'm sure it will be lovely.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Mrs. Mandy said...

hi there...what a great idea. i used to press flowers ( a long time ago) and would then glue them on mats that surrounded photos. there are so many lovely and crafty things to do with pressed flowers, and best of all, you get to enjoy the lovlies all through the year!

Abigail said...

Good idea-- pretty photo.