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Monday, May 21, 2007

In the garage: HUbby's WIP's

Just when you thought you were rid of me...

I got so busy talking about MY projects still wip's that it entirely slipped my mind to tell you about the WIP's of my better half.

Matt FINALLY had the opportunity to download and post the movies he took (which is quite an undertaking given our dial-up, slow as molasses internet connection!) and I teased you all with a week ago.

Go to his blog to see some of HIS projects-they are there now for your viewing pleasure.

And when you do, drop him a comment and let him know!

Even if you aren't that interested in deer-hiding, they are fun to watch. Granted, I am the wife-but I still think they are. Each are about one minute long. If nothing else, after viewing, you will have a better idea of why my life is so fun.

(Equally as exciting is the fact that, if you go, you will see how Mattie was able to magically free me from the burden of a migraine on Saturday night when I returned from the bridal shower, a late-night, mile-long to-do list swirling in my head.)

Disclaimer: Mattie doesn't say 'BASICALLY' every other word in real life. He was being silly. Just so you know...
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Kelli said...

Those were great videos, Rebecca!! The first one is so funny! I can't believe he got that hard dry skin in that small bucket!!
p.s. be watching your mailbox. :0)

Abigail said...

I enjoyed those videos and seeing you sillies via the screen.

What is the final product of these soaked hides to be? (I suppose I should be leaving this comment on Matt's blog, huh?)