What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Since you asked:

.....er, wait. You didn't.

No matter.

Here are some little bits:

  • Six bushels of apples are sitting in my front room, waiting for my next bout of gumption. I am very afraid I have forgotten what gumption is.

  • A week after we found the free bed on the side of the road, we got a call from Matt's cousin who was getting rid of her sons' set of bunkbeds. She asked if we wanted them. Now, the bed we picked up on the side of the road was an odd shape: too short (and wide) for a twin mattress and too small for a double. The only size it would fit is the size of a sleeper sofa. Incidentally, we have a hideous one that is (and has been) a thorn in my side since I inherited it through marriage. It slept my college Mattie and the boy can't part with it. Of course HE doesn't see the hideous pea green cushions or notice the awfully bony, old, uncomfortableness of the thing. I took the mattress out of that thing and stuffed the dumb thing with every spare throw pillow I had lying around thinking "hey, it might actually be MORE comfortable now". Well, didn't happen. Fast forward to the bunkbeds: you can see why I didn't turn it down! We put the mattress back in the hideous sleeper sofa (I loathe it still) and put the bunkbeds up. The childer two L.O.V.E. it. They call the top bunk the Owl Nest, and that is where Andrew sleeps; the bottom bunk is the bear cave, where Corynn sleeps and the pull out drawer is called the rabbit hole, which makes a great hideout.

Eventually, the girls will get the bunks and Andrew will get the bed and iffin we are blessed with another child~heck! The drawer can be made into a trundle! How cool is that?

I love all the floorspace in this room despite the fact that is houses four different bed situations.
I love that Gram crocheted us a wedding afgan and then last year another and so each bed on the bunks have matching afghans.
I love that Andrew can climb down from the top in the middle of the night to go potty without killing himself.
I love that each bed has their own little treasure shelf.
I love the drawer on bottom, even though I try to keep it empty. (WILL.NOT.BUY.MORE.TOYS)

The children LOVE that it makes pretty much the coolest fort/tent in the universe.

  • I always felt sort of gypped when it came to science, growing up. I felt like I had the POTENTIAL to like it, but never really did. Maybe it was my beyond-horrid science teacher (that's a story for another time, let me tell you!) that turned me off to it, but whatever the case~I got through highschool with good grades but no passion for science. I recently have discovered how COOL science really is~ and how I am actually a closet science geek. Much of this discovery lies in the hands of these documentaries I have recently discovered and watched for free on Google Video:

The Case for a Creator

The Privileged Planet

I just have to say: I love you Google Video. *muah*

  • We attended our first ever Lowes Build and Grow event and had lotsa fun. Of course, trying to help two children hammer projects while at the same time holding a baby who is not liking all the banging around WAS interesting. But hey, it is hard to deter me when it come to creating things. Seriously though~ this child kills me. He is too good at keeping that expression on his face even when I am erupting in laughter.
  • The only thing I want to make my dear girl for her birthday is Molly Monkey. BUT. Don't I already have enough to do?! Not to mention: I am terrified at the prospect of stuffed animals... Anyone done stuffed animals before and care to offer advice? Or you could just tell me I am off my nut and need to be committed. Or tell me you will make it for me. (that would work too.)

  • I know the vaccination debate is touchy one and so, I am keeping my soapbox in my closet for now and not even TELLING you where I stand. Truth be told, I haven't known very much about it all for quite some time. I took the easy route and trusted my doctors. And then my husband. Only now am I doing the research myself and I recently found this seminar on youtube:

I am posting only the first part and she really only cites her accreditations and thesis on this one. There are almost 20 different "parts" so I am still not all the way through them but I have already found them incredibly valuable and they just get better. She is putting actual RESEARCH out there, citing respectable MD's and doing it all in an objective, easy to understand way.

I won't tell you where I stand on vaccinations~ or where you should stand. That is for you to decide. I WILL say though, I don't believe it is safe to just put our faith in the decisions that are made for us. Especially when we have such a respectable group of people to look to in government these days.

It's ok to disagree with me. Just please make educated decisions on this and other subjects.

Knowledge is power, and without it, we are just, well, pretty dumb. hehe

No matter where you are at in this debate, you must check this out.

(PS. I will erase all comments related to vaccinations UNLESS you actually watch the video. Regardless of commenter-unless you watch the whole seminar, you can't soapbox here. Thank you.)

  • Did you know that Montessouri has some free printables? I have been having lots of fun with that...and it has given me some great inspiration too! More on that another day....
  • Did you know that fall bonfires are pretty much perfect? Even if the spontenaity comes at a time when no graham crackers or chocolate bars are in the house? Roasted marshmellows are pretty good all by themselves, if you ask me!
  • UNO is fun. I think it is super cool that the whole family can now play games that Matt and I have played by ourselves for so long (even though Andrew doesn't quite get the concept of hiding your cards). It's times like this that I realize my kiddos are growing up. *sniff*

  • My first ever batch of homemade sauerkraut is almost ready. It looks DISGUSTING, all moldy and stuff on top but after discussing things with a serious sauerkraut connosieur, I learned it is SUPPOSED to look that way. Apparently, that is how saurkraut is made. I wonder if I will be able to eat it after scraping mold from the top. *gag*
  • Last time the children and I visited Gram, she made us a great Great Depression meal of stewed tomatoes and elbow noodles (with some sugar thrown in.) I missed her today, so I made it for lunch. We need to plan a visit soon.
  • I tried some self-portraits today for this Fridays Show n Tell. DID YOU?!


Bonnie said...

I love your newsy posts! I want to get apples this weekened, but we'll see. Sick kiddos and all :0(
LOVE the bunk beds! We really need some. SOON.
Honeys still in the converted crib bed, and nearly touches both ends at the same time!
Tootleloo- I need to tidy up before dinner.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a precious room for the children. :-)

Good for you, doing research. Inform ourselves. Wise. But how many are willing to work on it? And I am not saying that, as if to imply that _I_ am one of the wise ones, either.

I heard you on your Photo Fridays.

I heard you.


I may well be too chicken, too.


Riahli said...

Great video, I look forward to watching the rest. I myself did research before my first was born and decided against vaccination for my children. I ended up having my nephew placed with me when he was six days old by the State. Since he was a ward of the State I had no choice about whether or not he would be vaccinated. At his 2 month well child visit he recieved four different vaccines (they wanted to give him more then that!). Three days later I rushed him to the ER and he was diagnosis with non-specific post vaccination arthritis. At 2 months old. This reaffirmed for me that I had made the right choice for our family and I was able to put off all further vaccines for my nephew whom we have since adopted. I do feel that when you choose not to vaccinate you have to dedicate yourself to a healthy life style, which is good for all right. :) Any ways I don't want to soap box, I just wanted to share.

Peggy said...

Ok, I must admit I have been avoiding the self portrait "assignment" all week long. The last time I tried it, well the results were less than dramatic. Okay, so they were very dramatic. Hideous would truly be more like it! But I am willing to try again. So today we will work on pre-shower photos (because for some reason the cowlicks are laying nicely) and post-shower. Ok, not we but me!

I love todays post and all your newsy bits of info! I love the bunkbeds!

Looking forward to tomorrow's post! OH and we get DSL internet as of today! Woo HOOOO!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you for the link to the video. I plan on watching that in a couple hours, when the kiddos are down for a nap.

About the sauerkraut...YEAH. My dad makes it every year in 50 gallon drums and it is so delicious, but he has told me about the mold on top. I have never, ever seen it and don't care to because I don't think I could ever eat it again!

I also love it when the kids start playing games. Dave and I LOVE games, so we're very excited the kids do, too. :) Another great game is Blokus-have you heard of it? I bet Corynn could play it with you two and Andrew wouldn't be far behind!

Unknown said...

Great update! :) What a blessing about the bunkbeds w/trundle/storage!

I'm trying with the self portrait! :P

Full of Grace said...

I Love the kids' bedroom- it looks awesome :)

Don't ask about the self-portrait...

Regina said...

I've nominated you for an award! Come to my blog and see!




Wendy said...

6 bushels of apples! Wow. I just finished canning applesauce with my Mother in law...does anyone help you? It is quite the task. I baked 2 apple pies today too...and apple crisp yesterday...etc...ha ha...good luck!