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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Theatre, The Theatre

Free tickets to the theater?

Yes, please!

The Russian Ballet Company was performing Sleeping Beauty and my mom was able to score some free tickets....which had all girls party written all over it.

With the exception, of course, of the little nursling Judah.

Corynn couldn't stop talking the entire drive to AND from.

She got dressed to the nines and the fact that she was feeling mighty princess-y was written all over her face. She was postively giddy the ENTIRE night.

One of my favorite things about highschool was the thater group. So naturally, I hope that, despite the fact that we homeschool, our children will have plenty of opportunity to fall in love with/participate in the arts.

The theater had a no-photography rule but I am pretty sure that is because people use obnoxious flashes, which I don't. Even still, I had to be pretty incognito with my own camera.

Thanks again for the tickets Mom, and for the night of enchantment.


Bonnie said...

How fun! You all look smashing by the way

Marlene Bibby said...

Your mom cut her hair! Looks like you all had fun. But did I say your mom cut her hair. I have never seen it short. Must be getting too busy with that little one to have longer hair.

Trisha said...

Aren't Moms simply the greatest? What fun! All of you ladies look simply lovely!

Unknown said...

I got busted by security at a concert once for my flash! LOL! So I turned it off and got the coolest photo of the band's lead singer! :) I was using 1,000 speed FILM!!! What IS0 did you set your camera at for those shots? :) I LOVE them! And what lens? ;)

I am so glad you all got to go on this special outing! Annie and I's Anne of Green Gables play date turned out to kinda be a bust since my Suburban battery was dead! :(
We made it for the last 15 minutes! I guess good came out of it though, cause everybody said that was the best part of the show anyway AND we ended up not having to pay! :)

Jess said...

Cute pics. Judah is getting so big. Hope all is well :)

Rebecca said...

Mrs. B~ she is always surprising us with new hair styles~ this is the shortest it has ever been though! And very strawberry-ish! You should see it in PERSON. winky wink.

Amy~ we sat, no kidding, in the FURTHEST possible seat from the stage in the balcony. I just used my regular all purpose lens with ISO 1600 and had it REALLY REALLY slow shutter. I seriously considered taking my tripod to get a more crisp image but my hands were already full of Judah. How I would have loved to be up close and with a tripod! Especially on the jumping shots!

MameyJane said...

Sooo cute and special! All those girls needed was a fancy fan to flutter :).

Unknown said...

1600, cool! :) Is that what you used on the fabulous shot of you and Matt and Judah in front of the theatre? :)
Yes, I don't have a tripod yet...it would be sooo nice for those types of shots! :)

Abigail said...

Sigh. These are marvelous!

They rekindle my desire to run off to join the theater (only not the ballet kind...wouldn't work). Maybe when I'm eighty?