What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

February Days


These days are full of... snow.  Lots and Lots of snow.  Every other day, cloud kings decide to lavish   flakes of crystal upon the earth people...if they are stingy, just an inch or two- mostly, though, they are too kind and generous for our own good.

All the sleds were broken before winter even began, so children make do by throwing their bodies down hills.  Moses stares out the window and watches children at play until Mama takes pity and sends him outdoors too.  

Under all this white there are creatures starting to stir, sap that is beginning to rise, crocuses that are heading toward the sun.  Like the thoughts deep within, there is so much happening under the surface that we do see but trust is there.  I'm trusting, Lord!! 

 As long time readers of the blog know, Matt is a strange fellow who takes some of the coldest nights of winter and goes camping.  And he somehow finds this fun.  Matt celebrated his 44th birthday on February 13th by going cold-weather camping with the boys (it was maybe 4 degrees out that morning).  I found him napping, all snuggled in, on the couch later that day.  

Matt's birthday dessert looked a bit different this year- he has been really dedicated to making good food choices and I didn't want to subvert his efforts.  But low carb desserts usually stink, quite frankly, and it bugs me when people say "these taste just like so-n-so...maybe better!"  Because they usually taste like gritty, bitter cardboard.  Who are they kidding?!  And it is just MEAN to get my hopes up with a tasty looking picture and then have me be so utterly disappointed.  Well, I think I finally found a GOOD tasting cookie.  One that I actually WANT to eat.  (Wonder of wonders!)  So I made it BIG, topped it with peanut butter mousse, drizzled with chocolate  and dolloped it with whipped cream.  It was actually pretty decent, and that says something if I said it.  I am particular with my sweets.  

Also a part of these days...a broken toilet!  A home with seven potty-goers and a single solitary NOT WORKING toilet is no fun, let me tell you.  But Matt swooped in and saved the day, as he often does.  Three Newman boys squished into our teeny bathroom to fix the whole thing was a funny and ugly and beautiful sight.

My unicorn-loving girl made unicorn Valentine's for her friends and asked me to take a picture of them.  Which reminds me of a moment that tickled me this week...

Ineke, after reading this book:  "Mama?  Are wishes real? Because I have wished and wished... I've tried practically everything... and I still can't ride a unicorn!"


Rachel Wilkinson said...

Hi! I really enjoy your blog. It is real life and not perfect house, perfect clothes, with granite counter tops to boot:) I love the reminders that in the midst of imperfection, God is still good and God is still what we need.

Could you share your low carb cookie recipe? We are in the same boat here, my husband's birthday is coming up and it would be nice to fix a low carb treat that isn't "bleck" and a disappointment. I was excited to see this post with the good cookie that won't wreck all his efforts. Thanks so much!

Another Rebecca said...

Are you drying apples - in the oven or dehydraytor? What are your top 3 favorites to dehydrate? I made bacon jerky in the oven last week, but it took 7 1/2 hours so I'm going to "borrow" Ruth's dehydrator to try another batch. (Don't get me wrong - it was worth every minute of it! - but I'd like to try another way.)

We have very vivid memories of an overnight at your house, before it was your house, eight potty-goers, a non-functioning potty, and horrified looks on the faces of a young teen girl and another much younger girl, when we explained the chamber pot under the bed. [And Matt's father swooping in...] Oh, those character-building moments!!

Ulli said...

Happy birthday, Matt! Blessings on your next year.

I think of winter as the time the earth quiets down and rests, renews itself, and gets ready to emerge fresh. Love the picture of what is happening under the blanket of snow. And by now, I'm so ready for signs of spring. We are seeing them here in VA--very exciting!

debbie said...

With all the candles out I thought you had lost power with all the snow,me in ready for spring and my tulips and daffodils are peeking up.

Amy of Hearth Ridge Farm said...

February is hard for me, I confess. But the past couple of days have been tinged with a HINT {just the bare smidgen} mind you, of spring and it's making me SO happy. Basically, all I've been doing is reading, writing a wee bit, and homeschooling. With some cooking and dishes thrown in there for good measure. ;) But I'm SO looking forward to throwing the doors open to the seasonal extended outdoor room of the house! All though, I did feel challenged by the Lord to stay IN the moment I'm in and not look back or forward TOO much. Bless you, Rebecca. <3

Anonymous said...

Ah, Amy of Hearth Ridge Farm, I was recently in one place wishing I were in another, and whaddya know, my devotional that day was about mining the treasure in the ground on which you currently stand and not looking for something else. Apparently I needed to hear it again. Your comments were a good reminder...

Rebecca said...

Rachel- I just posted it for you. I hope it isn't too late for your hubby to enjoy on his birthday! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement- they mean so much!

Rebecca- back in 2008, I put some our tax return money to work and bought an excaliber dehyrator with 10 trays. I LOVE IT! Dehydrating in the oven is too inconvenient for me because I always wind up needing my oven too soon. Top three favorites to dehydrate?! Apples, Bananas and Jerky! I didn't know you could make bacon jerky- I thought pork was off-limits for jerky for some reason. Do you cook it a bit first? I wonder if I could do that to make bacon bits?

Also- I remember that story. So funny. If you can't laugh, you'll just cry. ha!

Ulli- you made Matt's day! (Secret: though he never LEAVES me comments, he loves to CHECK the comments!)

And all of you ladies telling me that indeed, you ARE seeing signs of spring is so heartening. We are still buried under a foot of snow here so I like to hear it! The other day it RAINED instead of snowing, so that is a good sign! (I won't mention the fact that it is a mere 10 degrees this morning.)

Another Rebecca said...

Bacon jerky - I googled how to in the oven and mashed up several recipes. I don't think any of them pre-cooked. I put it on a rack over a baking pan, cut the strips in 1/3's, brushed with pepper jelly (which only provided a miniscule bit of flavor, but it was nice) and baked at 180° for 7 1/2 hours, flipping every 1 1/2 hours or so. We were all home for an ice day, and it made the house smell so nice! It could have come out sooner or stayed longer - personal preference. Several pieces may or may not have been snitched along the way to check the process. Everyone who tried the end result loved it. I'm wondering if it would require less attention in a dehydrator, but may be harder to clean up.

Abigail said...

I was pretty impressed that no one snitched the rest of Matt's birthday cookie. You are a trusting soul, leaving it out on that Sunday within arm's reach of children (and, yet more dangerous, Abigails).

Happy birthday, happy snow days, and happy working toilet!!!
(Praise the Lord!)