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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Read This NOW- and Help a Girl Out

 One of my goals for 2021 was to spruce up the living room with a fresh coat of paint because eleven years of finger smudges and paint chips just isn't cute.  Even in a shabby chic sort of way.

I feel like I have pretty much failed miserably at accomplishing anything I had set out to do in 2021 (and possibly just everything) so it felt very, very necessary to do this one thing.  I couldn't let this one thing go.  I just couldn't.

The living room simply cannot be the straw that finally breaks this camel. 

Therefore, though we usually beckon Christmas in on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, I have banned any Christmas decorations going up until the living room is done.

Today is the day.  (And tomorrow too, most likely.)

Within the first half-hour of working, Moses had locked himself in the bathroom and smeared conditioner all over his head. 

This is going to be fun.

PS.  One of the reasons I have waited so long to paint this room is because I am having a TERRIBLE time deciding what to do about the color!  I love a bright, cheery and clean room but white can get so dirty with so many children and this lifestyle we live.  It also provides a clean palette for every mismatched, clearance, hand-me-down and side-of-the-road treasure that we own. But- finger smudges!

On the other hand, I am seriously tempted to paint it a lovely shade of red to draw in all the beautiful red bits of the living room like my stained glass lamps and my Oma's painting.  That just seems like such a cozy and elegant sort of room.  And no FINGER SMUDGES!  It wouldn't really 'work' with the rugs but does that matter?  On the other hand, as there is little natural light in ANY room in this house (I overexpose photos to get them looking lighter), I can only imagine how dark it will make the room to live in...especially in the winter.

I still don't know what to do.

Today is primer day... tomorrow is paint day.  I have white at the ready but... I am totally okay with a drive to town in the morning.  Weigh in everyone!  Tell me what I should do.


mwoods said...

I love worldly grey 50% formula from Sherwin Williams
It adds just a hint of soft romantic khaki grey...nothing cold and a totally neutral but warm backdrop that brings a lightness to a room.

Rozy Lass said...

I think a lovely shade of pale yellow is the best for a low light room. I think it was called "Buttermilk" when I bought it at Home Depot. White is too stark, and grey in a low light room can be depressing. Yellow is the way to go in my opinion.

Ulli said...

There's a beautiful soft yellow by Sherwin Willams called Pineapple Cream. It will add a soft glow to the room yet keep it light. It's a good neutral.

In the green category (opposite the color wheel from red) is Gratifying Green. Our bedroom is painted similar and it's very soothing. It would also compliment the reds in the room.

I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Abigail said...

I am eons overdue for comments.

They will come in a massive flood, as usual, but the girls told me to hop on to read Judah's post (which I did! which I love! which made me smile! to which I will reply in said flood!).

This post however, is time sensitive, so I pipe in to say... do what you want! :) Next summer you can ask your helper-elves to repaint it if it bombs this winter. I was hesitant to paint the bold colors I chose in our home, and do you know which room's repainting discussion has received the most vehement protests from Debbie? Yup. The red living room.

In winter it will be dark and moody, but with enough twinkly-lighting, it can also be cozy. Also, nothing beats a red backdrop for Christmas decorations. Having said that, I still really love the jade-green-y-blue idea or other shade of blue. If you do that, though, there's a chance I'll jump on the bandwagon of blue, too, so beware. ;)

CL said...

I’m in the same position but I’m thinking of using Oat Straw by Behr. It’s khaki colour that we’ve used before and I thought of going with a different colour but after putting a sample pot of paint on the wall I’m not happy. So tomorrow we’ll try a sample pot of Oat Straw and see how it looks in this house.

Marybeth said...

Go for the red if that is what you want. Or even do one wall red. I agree white is bright but it gets really dirty fast. I insist on color throughout the house. My sister(who is childless) lives in an all white house.

Jenna said...

I Would do revere pewter by Benjamin Moore, it is classified as a griege, neither too beige or too grey. I would definitely not do red, as this sometimes makes a old house look even older. Also red will chip with daily use of having several children in the house, and you will be repainting in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca! We’ve been really praying for your mom!! Hugs!!

I love talking decor! With your old house, would there be any way in the future to do a bead board on the bottom or some type of wainscoting? That would be gorgeous and would “elegant” up your living room. If you wanted white, you could keep the top white and actually paint the wainscoting a lovely cottage core green. Just a thought. I totally understand the whites...how about a light blue or a light green? Those are both my go to colors. You could also do a beige, which would still be light but be nice with your decor.

I don’t vote for the red because, trust me, I painted my dining room that years ago and oh my, I did ever so grow tired of it. It was more of a candy apple tho! A nice burgundy or dark red might (*might*) look nice.

So many choice I know! Maybe you could get some free samples??

I think you will just love a freshly painted room, no matter!! We actually painted our guest house the same color as it was (not on purpose, it just happened that I chose the same color!) and just the fresh paint! Bliss!!

If you don’t want to constantly be worried about things matching, I would definitely do a no-color, such as a beige, white or light khaki, or even a yellow hue but not too yellow....a straw color or such.

We can’t wait to hear what you decide!

:) Monica

Jo said...

A lighter color, definitely.
Good luck!
P.S. Be glad it was only conditioner!

Els said...

Not sure if i'm still in time, but I would definitely go a light colour, creamy. In our hallway and staircase we did mossy green at the bottom and cream on top half, very pleasing! And you could try out whatever colour you fancy on just one wall!
Have fun! It looks like you have a good army to help you! (bar Moses :))

Els said...

Sorry, that last post was from me, Els

Anonymous said...

How about a red accent wall?

Tracy said...

I may be too late but I did my entire upstairs in Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter. I love it. I am considering using it in my family room. It is a very nice neutral.

Rhonda said...

Red will take several coats
I vote for a washable, maybe semi-gloss neutral shade like tan or gray. Plan ahead to have some extra paint to touch up all the future inevitable marks

Carrie J said...

I know I've missed the opportunity to weigh in. What did you choose? I would go with red. Red takes an excellent tinted primer to cover easily and I use a rust-colored primer with red paint to avoid having to apply so many coats.

Rebecca said...

Carrie J- I went with white because I knew it would be faster (less taping around windows, less coats after primer, etc.

I was in a time crunch.

But I do regret it. I want it red! I am pocketing that tip about rust colored primer...thank you for sharing!