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Monday, February 17, 2014

Handmade: A Dollhouse Pillow

It just occurred to me that I never showed you a few of the HANDMADE GIFTS at Christmas. Of course, there were plenty of yarn crafts. But there were a few non-yarn gifts too.  One of them was too cute to not blog.  The Dollhouse Pillow.

On my side of the family, children far outnumber grown ups~ leaving a bit of a predicament at Christmas.  We decided a few years ago to have the "youngers" draw names and it is great fun for the children to decide what to do for that special person.  The youngest ones, like Adele' and Judah, need a bit of help giving something that would actually want to be gotten (if you catch my drift!)- but I wanted them to be a part of the gift-making to really make it a gift from them. 

Adele' got Aletta's name... Three year old girl.  Easy enough.  Perfect for Adele'.  Now...what to do? 

We first considered making a stuffed animal based on a drawing of Adele's but then, last minute, decided upon a Dollhouse Pillow instead. (Easier on Mama. Possibly cuter too-but one never knows for sure about that.)

Adele' chose all the fabrics and drew the doll family inside the windows with permanent marker pens all by herself.

She felt very special to be able to have a REAL part in the gift-making.

(And she has a great eye for color coordinating!)

(That's a mailbox, by the way)

No pattern- just winging' it (as generally tends to happen around here)...and it used only supplies I already had on hand.  (I even had to break open a freshly washed but very flat bed pillow for stuffing- because I realized too late I had no pillow stuffing left in my stash!

The gift cost not a red cent and made a 3 year old girl happy in the getting and a 5 year old girl happy in the giving.


Leah T. said...

I love it! So creative and so fun! Esther is sitting with me and she asked if we could buy it. I told her that you and Adele made it. She said we need to make one, too! :)

beth said...

that is adorable!!!! the people in the windows and doorway? be still my heart.

Julian said...

How sweet! What a great idea!:)

Full of Grace said...

Glad to have gotten a good look on it here! I only saw it in a fleeting moment on Christmas eve, how creative and special!!! I Love it!!

Bonnie said...

SO cute- and such an impressive drawing Adele!

stephaniegiese said...

Well that is just stinkin' adorable! I'm pinning this on Pinterest.

BajaManna said...

I'm thinking ETSY. There are SO MANY women out there who don't sew but would LOVE to be able to get something like this to have their own children drawn the pictures on.