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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homemade: Toothpaste

Because you asked:  my recipe for HOMEMADE TOOTHPASTE

There are a ton of recipes out there, with a ton of variations, but this is mine.  I don't actually follow it anymore (because then I would have to find the paper it is written on!) but rather add things until it tastes 'right' and you should do the same.  Taste the sweetness and +/- xylitol or stevia.  Taste the peppermint oil and +/- the concentration.  Start with my base and make it to your liking!

1/2 c baking soda
1 t. salt 
1-3 T. of xylitol or a few drops of liquid stevia (many people don't use this, but I think it tastes a WHOLE lot better!  And homemade shouldn't equal torture in my book.)
15-20 drops of peppermint oil.  (Minty fresh breath is an essential for me.  If my toothpaste ain't minty, it just aint' toothpaste.  I like my toothpaste VERY minty so I hover around the larger number.  When I first began making toothpaste, I didn't know where to find peppermint oil so I tried peppermint extract instead.  I used a LOT more of it and it worked ok.  Then I found true peppermint essential oil and tried that out and it rocked my world.  SO MUCH BETTERDo yourself a favor and just invest in some essential oil.

3-4 T. Vegetable Glycerin (use as much as needed to make a thick paste!)

Stir it up and use it up!

All ingredients can be found at your local healthfood store or grocery.

* I may try to replace the vegetable glycerin with coconut oil in the future... coconut oil is good for you and your teeth and I happen to have a bunch of it (so I won't have to buy more glycerin)...but in the meantime, I love this recipe just the way it is.


Tracy said...

I make the same, but with coconut oil which is naturally anti-bacterial.

When I see a recipe including xylitol I always feel like it's my duty to inform because so many people are unaware and it can have devastating effects. So, for your readers who may not know, even the tiniest bit of xylitol can be deadly to dogs. If you're using it and you have animals, proceed with caution.


erin said...

Just curious - How much do you think this saves you? Or do you make it for reasons other than frugality?

Ulli said...

Question--what about fluoride? My dentist once told me that since we have well and septic, there is no fluoride in our water (as it is added into city water). We need to to help prevent cavities. What are your thoughts, and research?

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

Your saliva has the capabilities to remineralize your teeth. Glycerin is sticky and coats your teeth so that this natural process is stopped. Coconut oil would aid in this process unlike the glycerin.

Ulli ~ fluoride is not needed to prevent tooth decay. In fact, fluoride is a toxic leftover from the manufacturing of fertilizer. It is used in rat poison and Hilter used fluoride to dumb down the Jewish in concentration camps. This might be helpful. http://www.cheeseslave.com/top-10-dangers-of-fluoride/

Also, the book Cure Tooth Decay has a wealth of information on the real causes of tooth decay. The Westin A Price Foundation also has lots of information on tooth decay.

Rebecca said...

Looks like Megan beat me to it- but late is better than never.

Tracy- I didn't know that!

Erin, we do the homemade toothpaste thing (when I have the gumption and supplies to resupply!) not to save money but to avoid flouride. It's unfortunate because I could get toothpaste for free back when I was couponing. Back in the day, I had quite the stash!

Ulli- Here is a(nother) good website to check out.


And another:
(If you don't have time, skip the documentary video and just read the article underneath.)


Many dentists promote flouride. It baffles me. I choose to believe that they simply accept flouride as truth instead of researching it themselves- an innocent and trustworthy mistake, but a mistake nontheless.

Leah T. said...

I'll have to make some! I've been wanting to for a long time. Where do you find the best price on xylitol?

Unknown said...

We've been using homemade toothpaste for a month...I have zero tarter on me teeth at all times...even after sleeping. So good :)

Unknown said...

mine also uses coconut oil

Leah said...

It was funny when I saw your comments the other day on my blog. I hardly get around to the blog world much anymore, and when I do it's usually to try to get something posted on my own! But yours is always on my bookmarks and when I get a chance at night after the kids are in bed I catch up on all your posts (it's like therapy ;D ). And that's what I did the other night, only to find your comments on my blogs the next day, and I just had to smile. :)

I've been getting more and more into making things from scratch and as close to nature as I can get for my family. For instance, I've been grinding wheat berries to make our breads every week, and I've been sprouting nuts for granolas and I just procured a dehydrator to make our own dried fruits hopefully dry out some sprouted grains for baking as well, and maybe some jerky once in a while. But once you start down this path you realize there's a whole world of health and nutrition and remedies that you never knew about. My future goals are a garden, so I can start canning and pickling veggies at some point. Sigh.

I do jam and applesauce, but that's just a start. When I come here I realize you've been doing all this stuff (and MORE) for years and I get inspired that it is possible. So thank you, for your inspiration, your beautiful pictures, and just the life you live , caring for your family in so wonderful a way as unto the Lord. God's peace to you today sis. ((hugs))