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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two Days in the Kitchen

The kitchen is always the busiest room in the house

And I always have plenty of helpers.

Because my counter space is so small, when the children pull up their chairs they put them right exactly where I need to be- the only place I can work.  It can be so FRUSTRATING. Sometimes there is nothing to do but laugh and the wall of children I have to break in order to get the meal prep done. 

I think, meals would be done so much more quickly, so much more efficiently, so much more tidily if I didn't have so many "helpers".  Then I look longingly into the future when the kitchen is open and spacious and I can stand at the counter and work without twisting myself like a pretzel to get a bit of work space.  I think about how much more time I would have to cook and bake and how much more quickly and efficiently I could accomplish all the baking and cooking.  

And then I think about the fact that when I have all the time in the world to be in the kitchen and no little hands to interfere...I will have all the time in the world but no little mouths to feed and no little hands to interfere.  And how sad and empty a kitchen would feel then.

The kitchen is busy and bursting and often loud and usually messy.  

But it is, every bit of it, delicious.


Rhonda said...

Your foods all look delicious. Sadly yes, your little ones will be grown up and gone way to fast. But just have as much fun with now and make sweet memories while you can.

Tracy said...

Trust me, that growing up and an empty kitchen come much sooner than you think. When mine were little it seemed like it would never end, though I enjoyed that time immensely. Now, I have no idea where those years went. I loved starting my family young, and wouldn't change it; however, I'm only 43 years old, and I have only one child left at home. It won't be too many years until she flies the nest as well. Enjoy!

Jenn in Indiana said...

I just came over to visit from The Prudent Homemaker. Your family and pictures and food are beautiful. What is in the pan that has the top crust, and in the open pan and the soup? Do you have these recipes posted on your blog? They all look wonderful, and yes as a mother of young children, its hard to think there will be a time when the house is quiet and lonely.

Courtney said...

His little face in that first picture is too cute. He looks so proud!

Cathy said...

The wall of children you have to break through--that's funny. You are very blessed. Your children will have that kitchen time in their bones the rest of their lives. Bless you.

Rebecca said...

Jenn- the top cast iron pan is a vegetable pot-pie. The soup is a beef, white bean and greens soup. Neither of them have recipes because I threw a bit of this and a bit of that in it. The next time I make pot pie, I will make sure to keep track to post the recipe on my recipe blog:


It is essentially a cream sauce (bacon grease or butter and flour made into a paste with milk and chicken bouillion added to make a cream sauce.) A pan full of vegetables- any kind you've got- some shredded cheese. Some salt and pepper. Pie crust for top And then baked until crust is done/golden brown.

The other cast iron pan picture is of sausage gravy, which I do have a recipe for. It is here:


Full of Grace said...

You have been quite the busy beaver in the kitchen, and it does ALL look delicious!! :)

Kathy said...

Ahh...don't forget that once the little hands are gone...a new generation of little hands will appear a few years later! We just had out first grandbaby this Thanksgiving - and I'm already counting the days til my wee Tommy is big enough to "interfere" in my kitchen :)