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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Flying was SUCH a fun experience. I knew the children would enjoy it. Everything was thrilling to Corynn. It was fun to see my kidlets' reaction to all that went on. Here are some in written form.

Corynn: " Mama! The lady is giving food to the people!" she cried as the Stewardess passed out bags of peanuts.
"How AWFULLY kind of her to share her peanuts with us!"

Panda: The Stewardess passed us many times as she delivered drinks, snacks, picked up garbage, and checked seats. Each time she approached us Panda gave a loud, squeaky "Hi." and when she returned to the front, he would say "Bye". This happened about eight times by the time we ended up walking off of the plane at our destination. He cracks me up.

Corynn, to the pilot as we leave: "Thank you for flying so good and keeping us safe." She made HIS day.

Andrew: Once we flew above the clouds, Andrew pointed out the window and said "Sno. Sno." By the end of our last flight, He had corrected it and kept repeating "Cowd. Cowd."

Corynn, upon inspection of the emergency plan for crashing in the ocean and donning lifevests (as if one would live through that...) "Mama. How can a plane go swimming?"

Corynn was always watching the Flight attendant, curious to see what was going on-perhaps hoping for more peanuts. She told me whenever she found a man sleeping with his mouth hanging wide open. She thought it important to tell me when people got up to stand. She pushed the window shade up and down incessantly. She asked for me to put a tray like those in the airplane in OUR car.

And everyone either loved or HATED all her excited proclaimations and squeals of delight as she experienced take off, landing, peanuts and juice offerings, and flying above the golden clouds for first, second, third and fourth times.

In all four flights, mine were the only children aboard. The airline people looked with hesitation on them, but we eventually won them over-once we proved ourselves. In fact, they became downright friendly after a while. Both children received their own 'Golden Wings' pins to take with them for being such super flyers and I was awarded a compliment or two on my children.

This particular stewardess was the friendliest of all and told me she hadn't met very many little ones that would say "May I please have orange juice please?" without any parental prompting.

Times like that make me proud.
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Wilm said...

Didn't your children do great! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, but I'm sure it's just as neat to be back home with your DH!

Cheers, Wilm in NZ

smilnsigh said...

Yes Mama, you have reason to be proud. :-)