What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rotten Apples


The label given to the movement toward equality of men and women.

The present day outworking of this Feministic movement seems a contradiction in terms, since women are acting anything BUT feminine these days. Boycuts are stylish hairstyles now, jeans are the ever-ready outfit, children are flung to people who have time to care for them, dinners are microwaveable, and houses are getting bigger but more empty all the time. These are all little apple blossoms falling from the tree in springtime.

In our fight for equality, and in the name of Feminism, we are losing the gifts that are uniquely feminine...the ability to bear children. Presently, having children is an inconvenience at best, a curse at worst. Women are finding jobs outside the home because they think that any career outside of the public workforce is an unworthy use of their time and a trivial pursuit and so our husbands' are left to bang their heads against the wall looking for a job that will hire them based on good performance, experience, and expertise-not on equal opportunities. These are the thick, gnarled apple branches that bow low with fruit.

But~even if we grow our hair to our knees, wear skirts to our ankles, our babies play about our barefeet while we prepare from scratch-dinners as the older children work on their homeschool lessons before Father comes home from work...we will STILL be erring, because we are making temporary fixes to the FRUITS and BRANCHES of the problem and not addressing the heart of the problem...the steadfast trunk, the sturdy and tangling roots that keep our whole problem from falling apart at the next brisk wind.

So-what is the heart of the problem? What is that tangling web of indescribably strong roots that keeps women fighting for what doesn't rightfully belong to them? It's discontent. It's pride. It's looking scornfully at God and saying, "You didn't give me a good enough job! You STINK at dishing out responsibilities! I don't LIKE your rules because there isn't anything in it for me-so I am going to make my OWN rules."

Women have this tremendously erroneous idea that men have more important jobs than women and we resent God (and man) that they get all the glory and we get none. We view God as some sort of chauvinistic pig and we view our roles as women with resentment.

In scripture, however, isn't Christ the one that said that men should love women just as He loves the church? We are as important and ought to be treated as highly as He loves and treats His beloved church.

What got me thinking about all of this was because I was contemplating how the WOMEN were the first to find out that Jesus had risen from the dead. Both Jesus' mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were the first to see Jesus, alive and well, and they were the ones that were given the responsibility to go tell the disciple's this great truth. Don't tell me that God cares nothing for women-why else would they be given first witness to the most amazing, miraculous event in all of history?! Jesus, very easily could have gone into the homes of the disciples. But he didn't.

Another interesting note: These women were right in the midst of WOMANLY activities, FEMININE chores. They were caring for the poor, departed. They were going to redress and perfume Jesus' body out of love and respect for him.

As we work in our homes, caring for the weak and lowly (our children), supporting and being helpmeet to our husbands, and showing compassion to those in need (neighbors, strangers, the sick and/or widowed) there is the potential for the extraordinary to happen. Of course, it won't be in the form of Jesus walking up to us as it was for these women, and it may not even happen instantaneously-but as work diligently and with thankfulness for the responsibilities we have been given, we WILL be abundantly blessed and rewarded for our efforts. Perhaps it will be in a returned gesture. Perhaps we will be able to see the fruit of our childrens' faith blossom, perhaps our husbands will thank us, perhaps we will make a difference in the life of a friend and they will share it with us. Most certainly we will be rewarded with a "Well done" by our God himself on that last great day.

There IS value in what we do. We are not meant to be the money makers. We are meant to be the tender-touchers, the smile-givers, the wisdom-imparters, the serving-hands, the child-trainers, and the joy-sharers.

We need to pluck each root of discontent, resentment, and pride so that we can tear down the terrible tree and live free from the bondage of the wormy apples that we have been producing. We ought to EMBRACE our differences and find JOY in the gifts and responsibilities that WE have and find contentment with responsibilites that men have.

In the end, as we sit on our porches in a rocking-chair, gray hair flowing in the breeze as we look out on the sunset-we will see how greatly important our lives really were to so many. We will realize how FULL our lives were with the most important things. And I guarantee, money and and office desk will NOT be in the picture.


Quinne said...

Hi Rebecca :) Beautifully said! And a marvelous encouragement. Love, Q

Tracy said...

Couldn't have said it better...

Mrs. Bonnie said...

You have the knack that I lack (hee hee- I'm such a nerd sometimes), of being able to put your thoughts into words, and making them understandable. This is a great post, very incouraging and to the point. I was reading my Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping yesterday morning, and the author pointed out how in the past, women viewed being a homemaker as their God-given occupation. Just as their husbands went to work everyday, women did the same, in their homes. It was not just something to rush through to get to do something fun. I am guilty of that sometimes- "OK rush through the cleaning so I can go sew" or whatever has my interest. Can I tell you how much that thought in my mind changed my outlook for the rest of the day, and my attitude that I didn't even realize I had? Tremendously. I was shirking, and grumbling about the duties God has given me, and that I had asked Him for, ever since I was a little girl! Talk about throwing a gift back in the face of the giver! Father forgive me! Thanks for hopping on your soap box to share, I always enjoy hearing whats on your heart.

Elizabeth said...

I wonder what brought on this particular soapbox moment since I know you well enough to know that often when something lays heavily in your heart it is because of a conversation or comment from another...
In any case, I admire you for speaking out your mind and staying strong to your beliefs!!!

Rebecca said...

Four good comments. Excuse me while I breathe a huge sigh of relief! :-)

I rarely hop on my soapbox because I hate to sound preachy but I also don't want to forget the revelations I have, when I have them. SO I opted to go for it.

Elizabeth~ What made me start thinking about this whole topic was when I was reminded who were the first people to bear witness to the Risen Savior. It wasn't men, but WOMEN. That was encouraging to me and really speaks volumes about God's view of women. To me, anyway. :-)

Satchell said...

Very eloquent and rightly stated.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those of us who are in the career place feel shame from women who can at times imply that it is less godly to be such employed. I hope that we are careful to note that there are always exceptions, and that the stylish career lady we might be shaking our heads at in disapproval has secret sorrow inside because she is unable to bear children.

Anonymous said...

Well put....and so true!

Crystal in Pahrump

Rebecca said...

Hillary~ very true. I appreciate you bringing up this point, because I realize now I ought to 'qualify' my statements so people understand exactly where I am coming from.

I speak not of legitimate exceptions...not being able to bear children or even by being widowed or abandoned...I am speaking solely of the MINDSET of women.

I don't even care if women work outside the home. There are legitimate times when woman can work outside the home and ought not to feel guilty about it. For example: if they are capable of working outside the home doing work that is redeeming, without any expense being taken from their primary roles as wife, mother, and homekeeper. Often, when children are older and women find a bit more time on their hands.

I speak not of legitimate reasons for going to work, when you wish you didn't have to OR legitimate reasons to go to work because you think you ought to: I am speaking solely about women who despise their roles as wife, mother, and homekeeper and by doing so-look outside the home for something "PROFITABLE" to do. I am speaking of women who find no value in embracing their FEMININE duties and so make the DECISION to adopt the duties of men.

As an addendum:

I am VERY tender toward women who WANT to bear children but can't-in a weird way, I am one of them (but that is a LONG story). Oftentimes those women feel as if there is nothing for them to do-so long as no children are coming. But God gave us marriage before children and so, she already has quite a few careers lined up. Our primary duty is to be a wife. Then we are called to keep our home managed, efficient, beautiful, and running smoothly. Then we are called to care for the needy, the poor, and the church. All these things, properly done, take TIME, EFFORT, and WORK. These are several careers, VERY worthwhile, all rolled into one. So-you may NOT need to become a professional in order to use your time wisely. In the same way: if they are able to work outside the home without sacrificing their responsibilities to their husbands and home, then by all means: GET a job!

A long note, for sure, but I hope it clarifies my point. I am NOT burning women who work at the stake here, just pleading the importance of our FEMININE responsibilites.

Rebecca said...

Ps. Thanks for signing your name Hillary. :-)

Christina. B said...

Very well said!

Jan said...

A great post. I am an older woman and am saddened by what young women are getting for messages today. Jan

Mrs. Pharris said...

My dear, your post is a spot-on breath of fresh air.

How lovely to remind us that our calling is high. Our mandate from God is of great importance! To be a Prov. 31 and Titus 2 woman is my daily - NO - my hourly prayer.

Father's Grace Ministries said...

What a wonderful article, Rebecca! It really resonated with me. I so agree.

Jammie said...

Thanks for writing this. I enjoy reading your blog. It's all about our hearts and how we feel about our duties and I think you conveyed that well.