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Friday, March 07, 2008

Sign on the dotted line

It isn't often that these virtual pages are filled with anything of real import; it is easier, more fun and less time-consuming to just slather it with photos and snippets of daily life.

But this is an exception to the rule, and I hope that, as it is an uncommon sight around here, you will agree that it is something that is VERY important.

CA just declared it illegal to homeschool your children without first having a teaching certificate. Not many homeschool Mothers have these, and so many families would be affected by this decision.
Regardless of your views on homeschooling, the government has overstepped their bounds and has given themselves more power over the individual than they ought to have.

Please consider signing this petition-and then have your spouse, friends, and family sign it too.

Perhaps the notion has crossed your mind that since you don't live in CA, this won't affect you or that since you don't homeschool-why bother? I'll tell you why.

1) If it can happen in one state, ANY State can become vulnerable.

2) Even if you don't homeschool, who is to say the government won't then place other outrageous stipulations on the family in other areas.

3) If you are unfamiliar with the statistics of homeschooling-then read up on them and you'll find that even without teaching certificates-parents are making STRONG headway in the education of their children. If you want to research homeschooling more, ask and I will give you some great resources.

4) Even if you don't live in CA, you don't Homeschool, and this DOESN'T affect you in any way: Think of these poor families who are convicted about educating their children and who have done so for years-and now have to throw their children out of their homes and into school. Think of how this will disrupt the parents' lives, the childrens' lives, and how it will just tear them up. For that reason alone-you ought to sign that petition.


Here is the petition.

Here is the report.
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abigail said...

I recently became aware of this due to this article forwarded by my cousin. According to the article and the articles you link to, it appears that CA law does not YET require parents to have teaching certification; however, the other legal avenues to homeschooling in CA could effectively be blocked in the future through the example of "prior precedent" if this family's appeal to the Supreme Court is not successful.

According to CA law, homeschooling parents have the following options: they have teaching certification for the grades in which they educate their children, they are associated with a private school's satellite program (which this family WAS!), they instruct them at home using public school curriculum and are subject to all the attendant public school regulations, or they utilize a certified private tutor.

I'm especially incensed because this family WAS abiding by CA law, and those involved in the court decision circumvented their own state's law in order to reach a decision. I agree completely with you that this is an issue that could reverberate through all states and have effects in areas other than homeschooling, as well!

When a state denies the rights that it has previously given, it sets the stage for other rights to be similarly overturned, not simply in that particular state, but in others, as well. The United States are not perfectly united, but they do certainly affect one another, and what happens on the West Coast could reach the East Coast soon enough.

Not to be an alarmist, because I'm certainly not one, but I do think this decision will have ramifications, whether good or ill, for families across the nation. When the government oversteps its boundries and enters into the area of private liberties, there is heck to pay, and families like this one are the ones to pay it.

Veronica Whitley said...

I just recently found your blog, and have been "lurking" for a while...I have really enjoyed it!

I live in California, and although we are not yet affected by this decision (our daughter is not quite 3), we have been planning on homeschooling, and are seriously considering, and researching our options...

I would have to agree with Abigail (above), in that, "it appears that CA law does not YET require parents to have teaching certification; however, the other legal avenues to homeschooling in CA could effectively be blocked in the future through the example of "prior precedent" if this family's appeal to the Supreme Court is not successful."

We are praying that this decision will not be upheld!! Thanks for posting this!! (I posted something similar on my blog this morning!)

By His Grace,

Leah said...

We have signed the petition at the HSLDA website. May the Lord see fit to prevent this from going any further!

Also, I put up a post a day or so ago with some details about this pregnancy. :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for putting up all this info - it saved me some work! HA! I've linked over to you from my blog so that my readers can find out more about this. I, too, have signed the petition as you made it so readily available - thanks! My husband will sign it later. The Lord is in control and for that I am grateful!