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Friday, March 21, 2008

Krista Slideshow

I don't have a new baby to snap photos of, so I steal ones that don't belong to me!

I opted to go for a slideshow to save time (HA!) though it turned out to take longer to post this than to post individual photos. But, having refreshed my memory, making another slideshow would PROBABLY go more quickly the next time.

Tell me, do you prefer slideshows for same subject photos or do you prefer individual photos?


I wanted to do a whole FAMILY shoot for Jean but, sadly, we never did get to it. (Sorry, again, Jean!) I am glad I got a few of Krista, even if it did make me look like Paparazi. Thanks for sharing your baby with me, Jean!

Edited to Add: It seemed to me that my last slideshow didn't appear on all computers and now it has been confirmed that some people are unable to view the slideshow. If this is the case for you, here is a direct link to my Krista album in FLickr. You can view the photos individually OR there is also a 'View As Slideshow' button in the upper righthand corner. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Jean Marie Bibby said...


I am so grateful to you for taking these pictures of Krista! They turned out beautiful! Our poor third child who has hardly any professional pictures. These turned out way better than any place I could have taken her!

Did I mention I LOVE YOU?!

smilnsigh said...

Dear Rebecca,
I know you're busy right now but please, when you get the chance... Would you please remove my picture and link from your Flickr account?

A friend surprised me, by giving me this link... {another one of those things one can find, by doing Google Searches...}


Which takes one to my picture and link to my blogs. I know I have my pic on my own blog, but not up on Flickr.

I didn't realize that when I joined your "My Readers List," that my pic/link were going on Flickr. I'd rather it not be there.

Please and thank you.


Tracy said...

They are beautiful!

Mrs. B. said...

I agree with Jean. It seems like when you get to the third child, the pictures are way fewer than with the first one. So this will be a great keepsake. Be sure to keep that fourth picture around. Maybe we can use it in a different slideshow in about 20 years!!!!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Is there something that must be done to view the pics because I cannot see them at all?

Rebecca said...

Hmmmmm.... I was afraid of that. Seems to me, when I posted the anniversary photo slideshow some people had problems viewing it too.

Here is the direct link to my Flicker Album called Krista. You can look at the photos individually-or- as a slideshow (there is a button to the right saying View As Slideshow.

Sorry about the confusion. I have NO idea why it doesn't work on some computers and it does on others. Baffles me.

Rebecca said...

oops. I forgot the actual link.


That was a blonde moment, wasn't it!?!? ;-)

Training Hearts said...


Wishing you and your family a very special Easter!

Abundant Blessings,

abigail said...

I love these, especially the black and whites!