What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today is the Day

It's no longer days, but hours until the countdown ends and my child and camera-clad self steps aboard an airplane bound for Indiana.

I have been filled with conflicting emotion as the time draws nearer. Excitement and loneliness, all at the same time. I hate to leave my Mattie. It is like cutting out my heart and leaving it on the doorstep. Just the thought of saying goodbye gets my throat constricting and the tears flowing. I am going to be a basketcase at the airport. I just know it. Matt says "You have to be strong for the kids-if you cry, they will get scared" but before he finishes, I am bawling again. I am such a dork, but a lovestruck one.

Last night, we both tried to soak each other up and get our fill to sustain us through the week but no matter how tightly his arms wrapped around mine, or how tangled our legs became, it just didn't seem to be near ENOUGH. We were content to just hold one another and Matt's warm, shallow breaths on the back of my neck eventually lulled me to sleep.

It's been a busy week; most of the days have been spent running about from here to there~preparing, doing, copying, folding, zipping, shopping, writing, making and when my body was tired, I would sit and my mind would continue with it's work~mentally evaluating, storing away things I needed to remember, planning, preparing, trying to turn every stone so as not to forget anything. I don't know if the preparations for a week trip are often this time-consuming or if my fumbling about is due only to my lack of experience. From what I recall, this is the first time I have been away on vacation (not going to parents' houses for the weekend) since my HONEYMOON five years ago!!!

All the big tasks are done. I am almost entirely packed. Boarding passes are printed (who knew you could check in electronically and print your own boarding passes?!? Now that is cool!) Necessities have been bought, namely, a Martha Stewart magazine! :-) Love notes are written. The car cleaned. Laundry caught up and folded away nicely. Projects are finished. Don't-Forget lists, checked twice. Cellphones and camera batteries charged.

And yet: it seems there is still many teeny, easily forgettable tasks yet to be done! That is what this day will be filled up with.

Changing the sheets on the bed so Matt has something inviting to crawl into tonight.

Labeling the suitcases and tying a pretty ribbon or scarf around them.

Stuffing the children's backpacks with their surprises. (I got Corynn a disposable camera ALL HER OWN so she can document her trip all by herself! She'll go NUTS with it, I just know it!)

Getting the tax papers around for Matt's appointment this week.

Cleaning out and refilling my purse.

Putting all my sewing supplies away and cleaning up THAT tornado!!

Writing out the numbers Matt needs.

All that sort of thing. Itty bitty but still important jobs that need to be done.

It will be SO wonderful to step off of that plane at journey's end because when we safely arrive, I can fling off that heavy load of worry planted squarely on my shoulders presently and spend the rest of the week carefree.

I have been told that my Hostess has lots of fun things planned for us but she hasn't said what-which only adds to the mystery and intrigue. It is VERY fun not knowing what is in store~this is going to be a wonderful adventure and I am thrilled to have the opportunity for it.

This journey comes at the perfect time, too. Just when I could use a little pick-me-up from the winter-drearies, I get a DIVERSION! God's perfect timing.

I won't be posting here until Tuesday or Wednesday probably, and you ought to enjoy the silence while you can get it. I warn you now, knowing me, I will have a plane-load full of pictures to share upon my return.

Mattie~you'll no doubt read this after you return home from the airport. I hope I don't drench you too much with tears and blubbering! ;-)

As this very moment, somewhere in the heavens there are three little minds thinking of you, talking about you, and loving you completely. We will miss you utterly and completely, with our entire beings until we are again reunited and in each other's arms.

Think of us often, as we will think of you and know that though we are apart, three hearts are devoted to you forever.

I love you Mattie. More than life itself. I will count the moments until we can be together again.

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