What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, January 29, 2007


This weekend Matt had to work-ALL weekend long. :-( It was lonely...even more so because it was snowing and I hate driving in the snow...so we were homebound too! I don't know if it was the seclusion that got to me or just the sheer desperation of the matter but I did something I never thought I would ever do. Something that has brought shivers to my spine at the mere thought....

I cut my own hair and even lightened it a bit! I did it all by myself (yes, I sound like a child...) but I am so proud of myself. Of course, it is not all one LENGTH but at least SOME of the deadends are now gone. I hope never to do it again though. I think I should allow myself the luxury of a $14.00 haircut once a year (that is how often, if I am lucky, I cut my hair...) but with the kids...I just never find time.

Other than that, life trudged on as usual. I started making myself a skirt this weekend, I need to go get a zipper and that project will be done. I have mixed feelings about it. I don't know if I will get to wear it though...it looks kind of, um..big. So it would stink if I made myself a skirt that doesn't fit. But if I CAN wear it...ummm. That stinks in a different way. :-)

Andrew's gums have broken to invite two more teeth to his mouth. That would mean he has SIX now...and I only nurse him at night thankfully. I nursed Corynn much longer, but when Andrew started chewing holes in me (no, I am NOT exaggerating...) I decided enough was enough. With the pains of teething, along with the selfsame colds of his Mama and sister, the little Panda has been a real basketcase.

We are down to one box of tissues in this house-and that just doesn't happen! Anyone who knows me and my allergies, knows I need a box in each ROOM! It has been a real challenge. I have trained myself to carry the lonely box with me where ever I go, have a hanky in my back pocket (for myself) and Corynn carries around a little hankie with her. No fun, no fun.

Well. Boy, this post is so cheery and fun! (Said in a very sarcastic tone, mind you.) Hopefully I will have more interesting tidbits as this week progresses. Until then, have a great week!
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smilnsigh said...

You are a very pretty 'Braveheart.'

And I'm proud of you, for doing something which was difficult.

But I also agree that you should never do it again. I think you owe yourself the {_not_ a} luxury of a hair trim. And more often than once a year. But you know me! The *Nana-type-trouble-maker.* ,-)

Hugs Hon,
P.S. But we do need to keep ahead of those pesky split ends, you know...

Paula said...

I was reading just the other day about how a lot of mom's sacrifice the hair cuts at the salon in order to get their children's hair cut. I know that I am finally getting a haircut after almost 2 years! YIKES! :) I have also started cutting the children's hair. It has been a learning process so I don't cut off very much at all (so that way I can continue to even it out without having to make it so short that she looks like a boy!

Sorry to hear you are having a bad day. I would LOVE to see your skirt! I have never gotten up the courage to make my own clothes. Sheets for the children and quilts for them, sure, but not clothes! LOL!!! I need to though. I have more than enough fabric and patterns. :)

Hope that the rest of the day goes better. Oh yeah, wanted to say really quick a word about aprons. I carry my tissues in my apron pocket. LOVE LOVE LOVE my apron!!!
Paula (lvg4him)

Abigail said...

I, too, look forward to seeing the skirt, and I, too love your haircut. Well done!

I've been trying to work up the courage to cut mine by myself, too, because my split ends have climbed up as far as is possible. Maybe I'll have to spring the 15 bucks for my first trim in over a year and a half. (Unless you want to visit someday and cut it for me; you're good!)

Susannah's six teeth haven't yet chewed much of me, and I thank my lucky stars for that...I'll not let her read this post for fear that she'll want to copy the Panda.

Kelli said...

Your hair looks really pretty, Rebecca...you did a wonderful job!
I'm sorry to hear about the colds, we had them a few weeks ago and they are no fun. ((((HUGS))) to you and I hope you feel better soon.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Too cute! I'd say that is a remarkable job for cutting your own hair. I'm not brave enough to try that yet...although I do cut my husband and son's hair. I can't stand paying someone $18 just to trim a boy's haircut! :)

Els said...

Hoi Rebecca,
Cheer up!
At least your house was tidy!
Listen to this: Last Friday carpetlayers would come to put vinyl in our diningroom, so we had to empty it completely. Our landlord had ordered the vinyl, and said it would suit the stuff we had.. OK here comes a man with a roll of vinnyl on his shoulder. Steps into my empty diningroom and asks: where does it have to go? Well here I said. But this is far to small, I thought it was for a kitchen. And off he went.
We called our landlord, who said he had ordered the right amount, but then it turned out that he had ordered 2 pieces, to be fit together (cheepy)....and apparently the layer didn't know that, nor did we! So I called the carpet people, but they couldn't reach the layer, so on Saturday morning they confirmed that he would come back on Tuesday!
Oh bother! Here we were, with all the dresser and the diningtable and chairs, and all the stuff in our livingroom....Just imagine...... Since we would be gone most of the Lord's day, we left it like that. It felt like camping in your own house.
And now finally, the vinyl has been put in and we can put everything back......

And now I need a haircut (we have a wedding in 3 weeks, from Falko's youngest brother). I won't do it myself, but I do the whole family to make up for it. The men are easy: vroem vroem. And the girls....oh well, it will grow and you can try again, and it gets easier everytime!

This afternoon I need to go to hospital with Marianne. She had a sore hip and got an extremenly quick appointment to bo seen in hospital. I have no idea what they 'fear', but your prayers would be appreciated.

Love from Els

Rebecca said...

Thanks everyone! I was laughing at myself, at how haphazardly I was snipping. Oh-this might need it. OH-here's a spot. It did turn out alright.

I do plan to cut everyone elses hair-though I am NERVOUS about the childrens. Adding the sit-still element is no fun!

Els~What a horrible weekend it must have been! I hope that the vinyl was worth the wait???

Of course I will be praying for Marianne! What a scary thing! I pray that all will be well with her. Please keep me updated.

Full of Grace said...

Your hair looks pretty Rebecca- this is a nice picture of you!

Anonymous said...

A haircut, to say the least, is what every Mother deserves!!! My guilty passion, well, not so guilty...are my days at the spa, filled with manitures, peticures, massages....of course, the full days I usually get as birthday or anniversary gifts from Dh, but he's very good about sending me when I am pregnant or having a bad day.
BUT, the 12 week cut & highlite appointments with my stylist can not be missed!!! It is my own Utopia, where I go to feel pretty again! I do make up for it by cutting Dh & Ds's hair as well... Thank goodness they have buzz cuts, making the job easier for me. :) How do i finance this pleasure of mine, you ask? I Ebay all that is unwanted in our home! You'd be surprized how it adds up!
Another BlogHopper

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth-thanks bunches. Thankfully, this picture doesn't show the back!

Caite~I have never had ANY luck with EBAY stuff-selling OR buying! I am jealous!

You are right. I imagine it would be relaxing to get a nice hot hair wash and cut...but right now, to get to that relaxng point. I am going to TRY to get all my ducks in a row for next time.