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Friday, January 26, 2007

Victorian Calling Cards

I saw them in the catalog and thought-"Oh, I need some of those!" and at the very same moment, "I can do that!" So I spent entirely too long fiddling on the computer during naptime to create my own Victorian calling cards! Actually, it was really quite futile since soon enough all of our information will be changing...but UNTIL then, I will be READY!

Matt saw them and smiled and said they were very nice and then said I had too much time on my hands! :-)

Here is what my favorite one (I made three different styles) with, of course, the information changed for this blog. Posted by Picasa


Paula said...

OH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! You should show all three!!! I have been thinking of doing this myself, but could not find any victorian artwork. Where did you find yours?

Hope you like my blog. It combines all four of the ones I have (so some of the articles may look familiar). NONE of the dates are right as I have just put dates on there. :)

Guess what hubby and I made a vow to do this year? Canning and preserving!! I will be taking notes from your site! Any tips for right now (before the season gets started?

Oh so GOOD to catch up with you!!! :)

Carmichael Family said...

How cute! I love your calling cards! (And I too am guilty of spending entirely too much time doing exactly the same types of things). When I first saw it I thought, hmm, I don't remember this being Rebecca's address, then the fake postal code keyed me in and then of course I read the rest of the post. Of course before that I was thinking, wow, that's brave of her to post all of her personal info on her blog like that!

Rebecca said...

Catherine-that is too funny! I am brave enough to post pictures out the wa-zoo but definately not THAT brave! :-)

Paula~I am not gonna show all three just because it would be too much work. To show THIS one, I had to change all the information, print it out, scan it as a jpeg and then post. I REALLY don't want to do that two more times! BUT-I WILL tell you where I got the artwork. Down at the bottom of this blog there is a section for 'credits' and such and in it is a button for Antique Clipart.com I used the graphics from there for the calling cards and ALSO for my blog, you will notice.

I am NO expert, but I will be happy to tell you all I know about canning and preserving. It is a lot of work, but really fun and WELL worth the effort!