What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Friday, January 19, 2007

The whole ensemble

For now, I chose to use it here. Ideally, it would be used for a small square tabletop. Since I don't have one of those presently, and since the cover of this table had approximately 2 inches of dust covering it (Thank you for not pointing that out when you came Elizabeth!), I thought I would use it here. Now that I am typing...this whole table cost me nary $5.00 (excluding the lamp that I bought BRAND NEW at my all-time favorite store, Kirklands, for $9.99) Wanna see the breakdown?

Table...yard sale... $2.00

Under 'skirt'-literally...LONG story: this was a skirt that was given as a gift to my mother by my well travelled Uncle. He bought it off a lady he saw on the street crocheting it. I think in Africa or something like that. Short Story: Free

Most recent overskirt: sham and valances were under .50cents

Dutch shoe: yard sale .25 cents

Candle holder: gift

Picture Frame: $1.00 at dollar store.

Making today's total: $3.75!!! Posted by Picasa


smilnsigh said...

You are amazing! Not only in what you do with these things... But I having the vision to 'see,' making new things, from old. And all are really useable too. Not simply a pretty new 'doo-dad,' as it were. For which, one has to 'find a home' place to put the new 'doo-dad.'

Your daughter's dress, fancying-up your pillow cases, covering the little table... all very useable now.

I salute your Vision, as well as your Creativity!


Anonymous said...

Overall look....PRICELESS!
Victoria =)

Kelli said...

It's soooo pretty! I love all the lace!!!

Christine said...

Absolutely breathtaking, Rebecca!

Abigail said...

Have you ever worn the underskirt as a, well, underskirt? Fashionista I am not, but I sure am curious about what it would look like because I think it's lovely.

Rebecca said...

I have not Abby. Only because I like a trim waist. It would probably be about a size 2. So-um, yeah. It fits my table a LOT nicer! :-)