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Friday, May 13, 2011

Foto Friday

(Sorry for the delay in posting Foto Friday....it wasn't my fault. Really! I can totally blame Blogger this time!

Time to link up with your favorite photo(s) of the week. If you chose the challenge for last week it was FRIENDS.

I had plenty of opportunity to get FRIEND pictures this week as I went on my first ever (!!) double date, met up with another family to visit ( our first time ever!) circus and hung out with friends several times this week, among other things.

And yet- I rarely took out my camera and when I did, I didn't capture anything exceptional. (Hate it when that happens.)

Instead I give you a moment of serendipity that portrays FRIENDSHIP in an unexpected way:

I was driving along one day when we saw this biker chick ahead of us by a few cars. It took a while for me to realize there was a dog in the backpack and when we finally got close enough, we all busted up laughing when we realized the dog was wearing GOGGLES! I had just seconds to grab my camera before I turned, but the manual settings were set for an entirely different lighting situation so the original was REALLY blown out. I was glad I was able to salvage it with a bit of editing in Picasa.

And a favorite for this week:

a wee bit (okay, maybe a lot) overexposed, but I still love it.

What about you? Any favorites for the week? Link UP!

If you are looking for a challenge, this weeks challenge is.........


And the winners from last week:

Winner #1: Life in the A-Frame

I love the perspective here, specifically that it seems the lizard is going to be climbing right into the camera at any second. I wonder if a macro was used for this shot?

I really love this suspended-in-midair shot. The boots and droplets are frozen in space (and perfectly focused!) and I think the reflection in the water is pretty amazing too.

Thanks to all who participated!


Our Peculiar Lives said...

Oh cool, thanks for picking one of my photos! That lizard is soooo neat.
I love that motorcycle one, but I think my favorite is the one of your daughter. So princessy!
Blogger was annoying me last night too. I had all these posts I was trying to put together. . . and well. . . . that didn't happen. Lol!

Bill & Stacy said...

Ok, the one with the dog IS cute. However, some people need to get a life! Just sayin'.

Your daughter is so cute. Sometimes overexposed is not so bad. It works here. It has a fairy tale feel. Good job!

Unknown said...

I totally forgot about Foto Friday! I feel so forgetful lately...we have been in the yard & garden all week! Ack! LOVE the shot of the motorcyclist and doggy! The one of your daughter is priceless! I happen to love overexposed photos actually! :)


Bill & Stacy said...

I just read my comment. That sounded bad. I didn't mean you need a life. I meant the lady and the dog. People and their doggies drive me crazy. There is a lady we pass occasionally that put her dog in a stroller to walk it. Crazy. I hope I didn't offend you. Sorry!

Abigail said...

Dear ReBearcca (of the sugar variety),

1. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF JOHN AND I??!! We need to set up a second date, and, this time, I'll buy you a telephoto lens in order to baffle his sixth camera-sense.

2. I love that picture of the dog! It belongs on the back page of the National Geographic. (I say that because at times quirky, Americana photos are there...)

3. Last night I had a dream, clear and vivid (as are most daylight-remembered dreams), that you were pregnant. You chose to tell Matt the news by organizing an art show, and you filled the gallery with sketches from your journal, from which the culminating sketch told the news in a sweet and clever way. Two pressing questions: When did you become so adept with oil pastels? Also, when are you announcing the gallery opening? (Judah's 8 months already. Come on now!)

#4. I should really just keep dreams to myself, shouldn't I?


p.s. Not only am I turning your chatbox into a quotebox, but I'm also turning your comment box into e-mail! Don't hate me. It's a superpower.

p.p.s. Do my eyes deceive me, or has a comrade come to my aid? I see a quote in your quotebox that did not come from my hands. Three cheers and a hurrah!

Southern Comfort said...

Thank you for featuring my photo of the lizard. I am so busy that I am just now catching up on all my favorite blogs. I had so much fun trying to photograph the lizard without scaring him. I did use the macro setting-just playing around-because I don't have a clue about what I'm doing. Thank you again!