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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

He's a handful.

My boy turned five.
No matter that he did so an entire MONTH ago. (These are the last of my catching up photos from this little incident. Everybody! a collective sigh of relief: aahhhhhhhhh.)

I felt pretty thoughtful about it back then but by now I have had a bit of time to navigate the waters of having a 5 year old boy and they ain't all that bad.

The day of, Matt and Andrew were off doing SOMETHING (who can remember?! not I.) leaving me to get the party preparations....well....prepared. Corynn stayed home to help as well, since the girl just lives for partying.

I told her to get all Andrews Playmobile stuff out and set up a table centerpiece with them. I made a sign for him and let her have at it.

A pleasant change to the 'NO TOYS AT THE TABLE!' rule.

And yes, other jovial things adorned the room. Balloons make every birthday better.

This year Andrew asked for waffles AND sausage gravy for his birthday meal which I did but after living through it all, I say ONE main dish request per birthday. Call me a meanie, go ahead.

He also said I could surprise him with whatever cake I wanted to make. That was fun.

In case you can't tell-that is a fire breathing dragon. Frightful and fearsome, no?

When Andrew finally came back home, he was pretty excited...

And then we ate. If memory serves me correctly, it was HIS birthday that we used up the last of the Grandpa-made Maple Syrup and thus, must wait until NEXT syrup season for more. sniff, sniff.

(He is singing himself Happy Birthday here. For the 12 hundredth time that day.)


Bonnie said...

Sniff, and he was just a wee 6 month old when I started reading.
Happy belated to your cute-boy!
Love the cake!

Phyllis said...

Happy, happy birthday!!
I LOVE the cake!!

Unknown said...

Love the cake!! Happy Birthday a month ago, Andrew! :) I have a birthday to report on soon also!

Tracy said...

I for one, think that you are perfectly capable of making waffles AND sausage gravy for the same meal. In fact, I think you got off pretty easy! ;-)

Putting that aside, I love Andrew's cake, and even more, I love that the candles came out of his mouth. VERY clever, you are!

Playmobil is our favorite toy. In fact, it's about the only toy we have bought our children. We have oodles of it, and I anticipate it being around for future generations to love as well.

And please relay to your big strong boy that I am very impressed that he can lift a cinderblock. Boy, would I love to feel those muscles! ;-)

Nanci said...

Oh, five years! That hardly seems possible. He was not much more than a newborn when first we met. I've witnessed first hand that he is a VERY busy, hard worker -- and a kinder-hearted boy would be hard to find.

Happy Belated Birthday to a fine young man!!!

Kudo's for the cake mom. It's great!!!

Southern Comfort said...

Happy Birthday, a month ago, to your handsome boy. My boy is 22! Your "Panda" is inside of a tomato cage in the last picture, isn't he? I know (and he knows) that you love him very much.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew! He is certainly a looker! You always do such a great job on all your projects--your kids will have such blessed memories of their childhood!

On another note...I responded to your posts on my blog, but thought I would tell you that of course you can print that picture!

Full of Grace said...

I don't know what you are talking about- I remember you saying Andrew's cake was nothin' special, WHAT??? Yeah Right! Not believin' you anymore! :)

Abigail said...

Love the cake! Clever, clever girl!

Happy belated!