What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hullo. Remember Me?

After a week of no internet, a weekend of no power, and the busyness of a holiday weekend in May, I have to say I am missing blogging! It's high time I joined the ranks once again. Picasa is about overflowing with blogworthy (and not so blogworthy, but you'll get them anyway) photos right about now.

First of all and most importantly, I want to say~

Thanks to all the wonderfully kind comments on our exciting news post. I was more than a bit intimidated when clicking the "publish" button, knowing that we might very well be written off as cuckoo. I should have known better.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and for your prayers-we are so grateful for them!

Now for our regularly scheduled broadcasting.

Because I have some catching up to do, here is just a BIT of what has been going down...

On his last day of work, we picked Matt up from work and said goodbye to our second vehicle, laptop, cellphone, and all sorts of good gadgets that came with his job. A fair trade. We got McDonalds icecream cones on the way home to celebrate. His first week home was really wonderful. Really REALLY wonderful. He worked pretty tirelessly to get an office made out of the old milkhouse which, had you seen the state of the milkhouse you would know, was a very VERY big job. And always we knew, he was right out by the barn if we wanted him. There were lots of barn visits last week. And there was a good bit of relaxing time too. Just the daily commute to and from his job freed up over two hours of each and every day that just disappeared before.


For about two weeks now it has been hot Hot HOT during the day and rainy, stormy, and gusty with a few hailstones, lightning bolts and house-quaking mixed in. And before that, it was just plain rainy. So my perfectly tended garden in March was....well, not quite perfect anymore. I couldn't even bear to take a before photo it was so depressing.

The weeds had overtaken the garden and could quite easily eat my youngest girl up, they were so tall. I avoided it like the plague, knowing of course, I couldn't avoid it forever. One Saturday I finally forced myself to do it. This was the result:

Not to mention, THIS:

Trick question: am I wearing a white tank top or NOT wearing a white tank top here?

I weeded. And weeded. And weeded. And trimmed around the entire garden with cardboard (SO Lovely to look at!) to keep the weeds from growing around the fence. And once that was done I realized~ Whatdayaknow? Our first lettuce was ready for harvesting! So we did.

And then I trellised the peas that were crying out for mercy in the heat and planted the zucchini and pumpkins, yellow squash and beets, beans and cucumbers, carrots and corn.

Then I admired the strawberries that are looking plump and green and lovely and then finally calmly told my seedlings to wait to be planted because hail was in the forecast. They have thanked me for my forethought many times this past week.

I will be transplanting the seedlings tonight. Ready or not, here they come.


This picture cracks me up. She was chasing her brother and sister around and whoopsie! Her undies fell around her ankles. She laughed and then did it again. And again. And now you know~

my GIRL HAS BEEN WEARING UNDIES FOR ABOUT THREE WEEKS NOW! She has been doing SO good, she even wears them when we go OTHER places. Last Sunday, she wore them to church and that is two hours in the car-and she kept them dry. A few accidents here and there, not the pee kind, but for the most part~ potty trained!

She's growing up....


Speaking of growing up~ this little man is growing up too fast for me. A beard? ALREADY?!?

And time for just one more picture before rest time is over:

My newest 'do.

I found that when my hair is feeling greasy because I haven't washed it~ twisting the sides and drawing it back in a low ponytail are just the ticket. Add some flower barrettes and you might even convince people you were getting all fancy on them. WAY better than my usual ugly, greasehead ponytail. I wore it uptown and every.single.place.I.shopped (even the gas station) someone complimented me on my hair. I laughed inside, wondering what they might think if they actually knew how gross my hair really was.

And yes, showering IS a feat for me. thankyouverymuch.

Now, if you see me with my hair like this, you will know I am a greasehead.

I wonder if I should have posted this after all???


Bonnie said...

You don't look like a grease head. Glad you're posting, it gives me an excuse to slack. Now, my not-so-successful-undie-wearing-girl is in need of a change, and I fear, the carpet in need of attention, so must leave. Thank-you for the pleasant diversion.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures as usual, but can I caution you about sunscreen.
Don't want to scare you, but someone with your coloring should probably see this.


Tracy said...

OUCH!!!! I shudder to think how much that sunburn hurts.

The picture of Adele is adorable, and your hair? Lovely!

Riahli said...

You are so funny, I love all the pictures! My girl is {almost} potty trained as well and I am sooooo ready. :)The never ending accidents stage is so exhausting! The hair idea is awesome, I might have to steal that one, as showering is often a feat for me. ;) I was just wondering the other day if it was just as hard for other mothers as it seems to be for me. Just getting in the shower, shesh. Exciting news about your husband! What is he going to be doing... if you don't mind my asking... It must be such a relief to have him so near after all the trips away!

Unknown said...

Ouch! *passes Rebecca aloe vera* Great job on getting the garden whipped into shape! Love the update! And your hair is so neat...show us how to do it...this greasy gal needs to know ASAP!!! ;)


Blessings, Amy!

Full of Grace said...

Love the pic of Adele' that is calender worthy :)

Michelle G said...

OH ouch! tea bags! Aloe! That looks like it hurt!!
I LOVE the big bowl of lettuce! Beautiful! We had one planter of lettuce we harvested last week (it was only enough to have a few pcs. each on a sandwich) we were sooo excited though :)you'll remember I am working hard to overcome a black thumb(hand,arm..etc)
I have actually managed to keep many things alive - and I saw one little cucumber starting the other day - You'd have thought I won the lottery - hm...maybe I did in the gardening world!? :)
Oh those kidddos are too too cute!
Congrats on having your hubby home ~ that's the best!

Leah said...

Showering is a major feat for me these day s too! Some days I just have to let Lily scream in her little bouncer chair right outside the tub, while I rush through a shower.

Daisy's underwear fall down all the time when she runs outside too. (She has not eneough bottom to hold it up. Too cute :)

And the sunburn? Oh, oh, oh... ouch. Amazingly enough, laying hot rags on a sunburn can suck out the heat. I learned this a few years ago when my two sons turned into red lobsters once after a day at the beach. All three of us were up all night... crying. I swore I would never let it happen again. And so far I haven't. Phew.

And yes, I do remember you .:)

Christine said...

I love your hair do and your garden is spectacular! Blessings!

Abigail said...

1. Three cheers for your garden!

2. Three boos for the burn!

3. Adele needs to have a little chat with her older chum. Piper's potty-trained at home (AGAIN), but I haven't taken the plunge with undies at church yet. Call me silly, but I just don't trust the girl now!

4. I wore my hair in an identical style for two years straight in high school, and I found that not only did it work wonderfully with post-sweaty-sports-game hair, but that it DIDN'T work well with smooth, clean hair. So there's an excuse to not shower... I never pulled it off as glamorously as you, though. Those earrings!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, that suntan! Wow! Those are some tan lines, lady. I don't THINK you're wearing a white tank top because the far right strap looks a little smudged. Like a suntan. :)