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Monday, November 16, 2020

A Birthday Trifecta

Having three childrens' birthdays on the same day presents some real challenges. Like trying to get successful blowing-out-the-candles pictures of three children at the same time. (IMPOSSIBLE.) But one thing it does offer is a day chock full of cheerful children. On September 2, there were happy children everywhere!

Birthdays always start out with a well-chosen sugar cereal (the only time the children get them.).

Moses needed a birthday cereal too, but being a novice in the art of the sugar cereal, he was no real help.  Instead, I decided to go with the box that most resembled him:

For supper, Corynn and Judah agreed upon spaghetti and meatballs for a birthday meal so I made a vat of it.  And lots of bread.  Because you MUST have bread at a feast. 

Corynn turned 17 and I realized with dread that birthday celebrations at home are not going to last forever.  Seventeen seems so....old!  She is a treasure to me and a FRIEND.  And I want to encourage all you with younger children that the teenage years don't have to be what everyone makes them out to be.  They can be downright wonderful.  I know.

Her dream this year was to get her permit before her birthday and, she joked... to get a GREEN JEEP to go with it.  The permit didn't happen, partly due to Covid and mostly do to ME, but she was gracious and kind about it.  I made it up to her with the green Jeep though.

Here it is, off-roading it on her birthday apple crisp.

I have a love/hate relationship with technology and media myself, so I have always been overprotective of the children getting their own forms of techy media- and introducing all the problems that go with it.  

Consequentially,  I have been a BAD MOTHER and always said 'NO NO NO!' to requests of kindles, etc.  

And then Covid hit, bookstores and (worse!) libraries closed and there was no way to get new books to read.  TRAVESTY of TRAVESTIES!   Corynn, in particular, was hit hard by this loss.  It made me rethink my position on Kindles. 

And she wound up getting a used one for her birthday.  

I made a case for her to store it in out of an old book.  Does covering technology with an old book turn it back into a book?  

Judah turned double digits- 10 years old.    Everything that happens to him, happens BIG.  Everything that matters to him, matters BIG.  He is passionate.

Right now, He is passionate about the military.  He knows the dates of wars better than I do and knows all sorts of machinery and weaponry.    He also is infatuated with tractors.  I wasn't one bit surprised that this year, he asked for either a military cake or a tractor cake.

Papa got him a military helmet and I made him a tractor cake.  Spoiled, spoiled boy.

The kitchen was glowing like it was ablaze as everyone tried to light the candles before they all melted...

...but the greater challenge turned out to be keeping them lit while on parade.

Baby Moses turned ONE the next day, so we celebrated everyone in one night.   But it being his FIRST birthday and all, I think Moses ought to get a post of his own.  Don't you?  

Here's a sneak though, to hold you over...


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your creativity in celebrating birthdays. I agree with you as to teenagers. My daughters were a delight, as they have been every single day of their lives. Very blessed.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, celebrating them at one go! I should consider this for December, when I have four birthdays that month! (Plus christmas...an all..)
Happy birthday to your sweeties! And yes, I TOTALLY get you on the “no technology for the kiddies”...alas, grandparents have stepped in in that department and “came to the rescue” of the deprived in our family. Sigh. So to continue my “meanie status”, they get to have kindle access one night a week (on the weekend). I can’t lose my reputation. (Insert evil laugh)...

I can’t believe Corynn is 17! Wow. So glad she got her green Jeep. ;) She’s a lovely, intelligent, and talented lady. I think I could love Judah too!!

And baby Moses! Can’t wait to see the separate post!

Love, Monica

Rebecca said...

Monica- I would MUCH rather celebrate three separate birthdays than try to accommodate three in one day myself- it's HARD!- Three birthday meal requests, three birthday cakes, three sets of presents to wrap (and then unwrap). Like Christmas except only for some. Maybe I will convince them to spread out the fun but that would mean Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't come to all of them sooooo.... I doubt it.

Barb said...

Hi Becca, I have sent you an email on my personal email, so it may be lost in your junk mail. Please let me know if you received it. The family looks great and so happy to see all is healthy. Happy Birthday to Corynn, Judah and Moses.

Rebecca said...

I did receive it- and wrote you back! So that is very strange... let me check and see if I can resend it to you...

Rebecca said...

I just resent it--- if you don't get it, would you please email me at this email address-

nuevohombres at gmail dot com

(This is our personal email as opposed to the old, junk/spam email which you were using. Maybe that is the problem?) I'll resend it from there when I get your email. Lots of love to you Barb!