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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BiG Top TuEsDaY

Here we are, first round of Big ToP TuEsDaY!!!

This week was spent mostly compiling ideas, making lists (I *LOVE* making lists) and planning things out on paper and here.

Just a sneak peek at all the inspiration floating around the web:

I finished making the front of the invites today. Corynn, of course, jumped at the chance to help.
I am pretty confident she is going to be right there with me every step of the way in this little project of mine.

Goals for this coming week:

~ start collecting clear, empty soda bottles

~ start collecting tin cans

~ print insides of invites, send 'em off

~ work on the prizes

~ figure out costumes for everyone and begin working on them


Bonnie said...


Catie said...

That is such a GREAT idea for a card! :) Love it!

I think my 2 year old (going to be 3) wants a Princess Party - so I might steal your Pinterest idea and devote a pin board just to that!

Full of Grace said...

Great invitations Rebecca :) I will be calling you (hopefully today) to chat for a bit, and to talk to you about the fourth and more!

I can't wait, I love a good party as well! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Those cards. ADORABLE! :) I'm just going to LOVE following you along on this! You are my crafting hero, ya know! :) I live vicariously through you! ;)

abigail said...

These are marvelous! I'd use them for just about any writing occasion.