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Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Magpies

Our household is getting larger with all sorts of babies, about 25 of them actually.

I'll show you them all once I take pictures, but for now~ here are three:

Magpie had her kittens last week.

She is a teeny cat to begin with-but let me tell you, her belly got H.U.G.E. I was wondering when she was EVER going to have them!

But she did. Two gray tigers and one black. No names just yet~

She was perched up on our patio but too many little prying eyes (and fingers) coupled with a few severe storms and rain got Maggie antsy to move her babies INSIDE.

She tried several times and I would move them back inside until one day I gave up.

Matt, out of his sincere love for me, broke his cardinal rule of NO ANIMALS IN THE HOUSE so that she could come inside with her kittens until they are a bit bigger.

Is that not the cutest pink nose EVER?

When the babies were born, Andrew came to me that evening and tapped my leg while I was working in the kitchen and said, with much trepidation in his voice....

"um....Mama. Papa isn't going to BUTCHER the kittens, IS he??"

It was so cute. And funny. And pathetic, too.


Bonnie said...

No, Andrew Dear, we don't live in ___________
(insert cat eating country). Very cute and pathetic.

The Problem With A Kittens That
Eventually It Becomes A Cat.
(Kippling?? Carroll??? I forget who said that)
The kittens are sweet though :0)

Terri said...

They are so cute! Andrew's comment made me laugh out loud.

Christine Williams said...

Soooo cute! Our cat just had kittens about 1 month ago and now we have kittens running around everywhere...I guess there is only four but they sure do get around:) The kids love them though and I can't wait to snap some shots of them.

Rebecca said...

So beautiful! I hope that you spay and neuter so that no more kitties are born. Just a suggestion :).

Anonymous said...

Or you could let her have lots and lots of kittens, and then pester your friends to take them off your hands.

Where did Magpie come from, again?

-You Know Who