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Thursday, June 02, 2011


It is H.O.T.

But thanks to the nightly storms we've been having, our normally dry creek provides plenty of cool relief with water that can be just a few inches or can reach almost 3 feet depending on where you go!

(Completely unrelated: I love how Corynn's hair turns into perfect ringlets on bottom.)

Adele' prefers where she can just get her toes wet. She spends most of her time looking at and throwing rocks or finger painting with mud.

Andrew and Corynn head straight to the deeper spots. Mental note: must teach them to swim THIS summer.

Judah really prefers to stay as far away from it as possible. :-)

Nah-it just takes him a while to warm up to it.

May there be many more cool, refreshingly WET days to enjoy.

Happy June!


Bonnie said...

That looks soooo inviting. It was REALLY hot here the last 5 days, but now has cooled off to a respectable low 80's.
My small ones would love that, especially seeing how we are reading The Banks of Plum Creek (again).

Anonymous said...


since we are city dwellers i am looking to purchase a 5 dollar kiddie pool (at walmart) for my little esther!


Southern Comfort said...

Remnds me of some of my childhood days. My grandparents taught us to float a watermelon in the creek to make it nice and cold. Love your photos!

Miranda said...

Sounds fun!

I so wish we had a creek on our property. When we buy a house that will be at the top of my list of wants. :)

I dont like to take the kids to the pool so we stick with fun in the hose!

Happy June to you as well!

Natural Mama said...

You are blessed to have a creek on your property! It looks so relaxing and inviting. My in-laws filled in their pool this year (due to costs and worries that one of their grandkids would drown) and while I'm relieved that I don't have to worry, I'm sad that I will have to take another route in teaching them to swim.
Oh, and find another way to cool off.

abigail said...

Hurrah! So glad the rains coincided with the heat!

We've been doing the same here, with utter thankfulness. Now if only it would last through the summer, right? :)