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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BiG Top TuEsDaY

If you are new to this blog: you can read what Big Top Tuesday is and how is came about here.

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This past week I had a yard sale, had health issues and had Father's Day pie(s) to bake so I didn't have too awful much time to devote to party preparations. I was able, however, to work on making a few prizes all from things I had on hand. Probably about half done, half to go.

((Haven't bought anything for the party yet!))

Mustaches. These are super cool to make and I think they will be a big hit too. If I were spending money, I would hop to the store and buy black foam sheets for this project as it would make it much easier but since I am NOT: I am using black and brown felt and hot-gluing two layers together to make them firm enough to stay straight, then hot-gluing meat skewers (also had on hand) in between the felt. I haven't made them yet, but I intend to make some clown mouths and maybe a nose or two as well.

Friendship bracelets: the simple kind because that is the only kind 1) I know how to make and 2) have time for. I hope to have about 20 of these made. I have plenty of embroidery thread but I may try to do a few in yarns so they will work up more quickly. Corynn has been helping me with these. She is almost as fast as I am!

This week I am going to focus on FINISHING the prizes and working on party decorations and game preparations.

Here is my (hopeful) To-Do list for the coming week:

~ MAIL/Hand out invites (was supposed to do that last week)

~ Decorate empty soda bottles

~Decorate tin cans

~ Make string balloons

~ Make tissue paper pom poms

~ Figure out the photo booth plan

~ Make a layout in the yard of where everything will be.

~ Trial run the homemade face paint.

~ costumes?


stephaniegiese said...

Good luck with your party! We did a no spend Christmas last year, so I know it can be challenging. I wanted to share this blog I found that has a lot of carnival party ideas: http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2010/04/second-birthday-carnival-extraordinaire.html

Bonnie said...

I cannot WAIT to see how this will all come together, I love it as it is now!
The kids thought Adele was a hoot with her mustache!

Bonnie said...

oh my goodness, you probably need more ideas like you need a hole in your head, but you must go look at that link Stephanie left!

A thought for face painting: To help with time, I wonder if you could cut a basic stencil
- a butterfly for example- and quickly sponge that on, then decorate it free hand.
I know you are artistic enough to free hand the whole thing, but if there is a 6 mile long line of children, it might help to have stencils to speed things up. maybe cut 'em out of freezer paper? Its flexible, and won't bleed through.

Just a thought. :^)

abigail said...

Love the moustachios!

The girls were just talking costumes yesterday. Millie is curious about Corynn's costume because she's thinking about coming as a ring-miss but doesn't want to steal anyone's costume. Plus, she's already thinking of back-up plans in case Corynn wants to be a ring-miss. She wanted to call Corynn immediately, but I said I'd leave a comment instead. (Yes, you may thank me.)

Two weeks to go! They'll figure out what they'd like to be with plenty of time, and then I'll wait until ten minutes before we leave to throw something together. Sigh. I wish knowledge of self automatically created betterment of self.

Maybe I need to start a "Start-the-Costumes-Already Saturday" feature on MY blog to keep me on track. Yours seems to be doing the trick...

Rebecca said...

Corynn doesn't know what she would like to be either. She mentioned trapeze girl but.....idunno. There are only so many ideas in a circus, so tell Millie I would love to see her as a Ring Miss, even if she may find a twin.

And yeah- about the costumes? I haven't done a THING. Probably won't. At least you have clown shoes you can fall back on! ;-)

I really must shoot you an email. I think I will do that now.

Barring any major event in the next few seconds....