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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The last Grand

I got the chance to take a caravan to go see my Opa recently. My mom, her brother, my sister and I all piled into Mom's 15 passenger for the day with a select few children.

There is only so much room in a vehicle, even if it is almost a bus, so only my oldest and youngest were able to make the trip with me this time.

A few pictures from that happy day, now almost a month past.

With Opa being the last of the Grands for Matt and I, each visit is made all the more special... and important.

The last of a generation, hanging on by a thread and a very good-natured smile.


JanMary @ www.janmary.com said...

Lovely memories - great to see the generations interacting and enjoying eachothers company.

LOVE the perspective of the 3rd photo!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of your Opa, your parents, Matt & yourself and all your children ? If not, may I recommend you do so. I have one like that with my kids and one when I was a baby with my great grandmother. I barely remember my great grandma and my grandparents are no more, but I still smile when I see that picture.

Teresa said...

What great memories you have made! I love that scene with the family on the porch. Makes me Miss my Grand Dad after seeing these. He used to call me Half-Pint and told me he could fit me in my back pocket! Thanks for sharing!!

Lana said...

sweet pictures :)
my husband and i are blessed to have a lot of our grandparents alive still, and one great grandma each. we have 2 sons - how many kids have 2 great great grandmothers? i have pictures with five generations :) trying to remember to treasure the moments, because although i still feel so young and it seems like life willgo on like this forever - after all my gramma joyce, and hubby's Memaw, have been around always.... it won't be too long that we still have them.

abigail said...

My last grandparent died when I was in college, and so I'm thankful for John's great-grandma. A treasure.

It's hard to think on the passing of loved ones from this place to the Next, but praise God for precious moments enjoyed and the hope of those to come! I always love to see the pictures you and Elizabeth share of your children with Opa. His smile shines from the screen so true and real.