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Monday, June 13, 2011

Three things you didn't know about me and BiG ToP TueSday

I like to throw parties. I do, I really, really do.

We don't do birthday parties because, well, I hope to someday have a child or two each month and birthday parties would be too hard/expensive/exhausting at that point, so I never started. (Did I SHOCK you just then?!?)

Instead, I like to throw a BIG hu-rrah at least once a year that we can all enjoy equally as much-probably even more. And I really like THEME parties. I hope to get so good at throwing parties that Knights of the Round Table parties and Renaissance Fair parties and Archeological Digs are not out of my league.

After our Big Top experience a month ago or so, I knew that this years' party just HAD to be circus-themed. I knew also, given our present circumstances, it had to be CHEAP. A circus party seems perfectly suited to making do.

Another thing you must know about me is that I love challenges. So I have challenged myself to throw a ROCKIN' circus party over July 4th using ONLY WHAT I HAVE.

Decorations. Games. Invites. Prizes. Food. Everything, using what I already have on hand. Or can borrow.

I may need to purchase a few things for food (30-40+ people are invited!), but if I spend money, you will know about it. I want to see just how cheaply this can be done.

I am determined to live out my belief :

  • That you can have a smashing good time on a dime.

  • That you can decorate nicely on a dime.

  • That hard financial times doesn't equal no fun.

  • That cool storebought things can also be made from scratch.

  • That hospitality can be given no matter the circumstances.

If I can pull this off successfully, it will speak more to my packrat-eering and less of my frugality, I fear. But it is worth the embarrassment.

Basically~ this party is going to force me to live strictly by my life motto:

A motto which I have already found to be difficult, especially when I see the COOLEST popcorn containers that just SCREAM circus for $2.00 at the store (but NO. Must refrain!)

One exception I *MAY* make is buying a bag or two of circus peanuts. I just can't figure out for the life of me how to make them successfully at home. Seriously, how fitting are THEY?!

To accomplish a party of this magnitude using only what I have means lots of planning and lots of making from-scratch.

The third thing you probably didn't know about me? I love, love, LOVE to procrastinate.
And procrastinating is something that just can't be done in this situation, unless of course, I want to kill myself (or other people) by the end. So I have decided to write down all my circus party progress on what I am going to call BiG ToP TueSday.

Thataway, I actually work on it. Wish me luck! (and if you have any awesome ideas you want to share-let me know in the comments! I'll love you for it!)

This should be fun.............

Just a Heads Up:

The first (real) installment of BiG ToP TueSdaY will be tomorrow and since I have done NADA, I guess I better get cracking.


Miranda said...

Oh how fun! I love parties too. :o)

missusmechanic said...

I love a party!
Can't wait! I know you have some wonderful ideas in there.

Bonnie said...

Sorry Luv, I knew all three of those things, and that is part of the reason I like you so much :-)

ulli said...

Sounds like fun! I'm sure the internet will be a big help to you in figuring things out (not that you need it, but you know...) To get you started here's an idea for making popcorn boxes.

Catie said...

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :) Both of my girls' birthdays are next month and I'll also be planning on a *tight* budget - maybe I should how much I can do for free..hmmm...

Terri said...

Rebecca, I have popcorn bags that our church purchased for a carnival one time. There are oodles of them and we are never going to use them all. I would be more than happy to donate them to you for your party. If you want them, email me at Groh5ofus@aol.com and I'll mail them to you! They are not boxes, but close enough to the real circus containers that you may want them.

Wendy said...

Rebecca, My mom was in charge of our family reunion last year and "carnival" was the theme. we had strung string..(?) and hung bags of treats with clothespins for nibbling...that is sort of circusish....now how many mistakes did i make. she also had a kiddie pool with ducks in it where she let kids pick and win a prize...tickets are fun too :-) I am sure you will have a smashing party!

Rebecca said...

Wendy~ the duckie thing is one thing I am planning. I would love to do tickets, but I don't want to spend the money on them. So many super cute ideas that I have to walk away from. Oh well.

abigail said...

If you don't change your mind and dis-invite us, we'd love to bring a bowl(s) of festive food to share. Please let me know if you'll let us! (And I'll be on my best behavior...)

...they call me mommy... said...

Btw...I ALWAYS say that "I better get cracking." HAHA! LOL! I wonder what it's origin is...hopefully, it's not bad!!! ;O