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Friday, June 17, 2011

FotoFriday: Favorite Shoes

I had some fun with this past weeks' challenge of FAVORITE SHOES. Did you?

Ironic, really, because I am pretty much barefoot whenever I am not going somewhere. No matter the season.

But since barefoot wasn't really an option, I had to show you my red shoes (they are my favorite dress up shoes) and my gold shoes (they are my favorite kicking around town shoes). And my favorite shoes of all....

I thought it was a really fun capturing ordinary things like shoes in extraordinary and unexpected ways.

You can tell I love these shoes because of all the scuff marks. whoops.

Buried Alive.
(or that is what a chuckling Matt said this picture looked like when he saw it.)

Andrew and Adele' were standing in the field (that is how I focused), and when I set my timer they threw themselves down and so did I, minus my legs. You should have heard our laughing. At one point, Miss Addie Mae lifted her legs straight up too. Wish I would have been using the remote instead of the timer, so I could have captured that bit of cuteness.

I often wonder at the foolishness I go to in order to get a picture and how mortified I would be if I actually got caught in action.

We grow upside down people in OUR fields.

See? Red toenail polish? Feeling just a little bit racy.

I had hoped for a whole FAMILY of feet, but I couldn't round up Matt in time. Yes, Adeles' shoes are on the wrong feet. And Andrews boots should have been thrown away about 3 months ago. And Judah is eating stones.

Well, I HOPE they are stones and not something worse, like...chicken poo. X^)

Let's see YOUR favorite photos of the week and , maybe, some favorite SHOES!

I think I more than made up for the fact that last weeks' self-portrait challenge was a bust with my plethora of shoe pictures this week. Wouldn't you say? Speaking of self portraits~ here are my favorites from last week:

Winner #1: Heather @ Kingdom Arrows

I really love the composition of this photo. I love the grass. I love her hair spread on the grass. I love her amazing blue eyes. I love that only half of her face is shown. And her expression is great-it just says "WHY did you make me do this Rebecca?!?" :-) Just a really unique and wonderful self-portrait.

Winner # 2: Stacy @6/7 Kids and a Camera

After reading what this poor gal had to go through just to get this picture, you'll know why she deserves to be a winner. And golly. How does Mrs. Gorgeous have seven children?!? Some gals have all the luck...

It was obvious by all the reflection shots and hide behind shots last week that we are a bunch of gals who DO NOT LIKE TO GET IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. I thought that was a riot. Us photo-phobe photographers need to stick together! Thanks to all who participated last week, even if it made you just a *wee* bit uncomfortable; I really enjoyed seeing you all face to face!

Hope to see you all again next week when the challenge is: HANDS.


Bill & Stacy said...

Thanks for choosing my picture! It is so amazing what a little (um I mean A LOT) of photoshop can do! My husband was like "is that really you?" Even I didn't know my eyes could be so green!

Love your post today! I love the red shoes. I'm off to post my shoes shot. Hey, I love the fact that Adele's shoes are on the wrong feet. My 3 year old never has hers on right! Great Job!

Jennifer said...

I think my favorite is the picture with your legs in the air. I really like the green colors in the color version. It is such a unique perspective.....so cool :)

missusmechanic said...

Love the pic with your legs in the air! You are so creative!

Leah said...

I really like those red shoes. They are so my style. But even more I like the legs in the field shot. I can only imagine what my husband would say if he saws picture of me like that. ;) ;) ;)

Our Peculiar Lives said...

lol, those are great photos! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks christians and moms of many children are boring, stuffy people and do not have an ounce of fun has never met you :)

Heather said...

WOW! Thanks for choosing me last week:) I have not forgotten my shoes, I hope to post them tomorrow.

Rebecca said...

Anonymous~ that is just about the greatest compliment I could ever get. THANK YOU.

Barb said...

You sure made shoes exciting...the leg in the air is the best...my vote for favorite...I think you should pick your own for this weeks winner :).

Anonymous said...

your husband must chuckle at the field shot! what a delight!

Full of Grace said...

I love the black and white legs in the air picture Rebecca, it's so cool :) Sorry I didn't participate this week, hopefully next week :)

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE these! WOW!! Such good ideas, girl! :) My picture turned out kinda...blah. ;)

abigail said...


RED heels?

Tsk. Tsk.

(The girls had a good laugh at those legs. Fun!)