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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Pair of Woodchucks

I never anticipated cutting hair when I got married. And I certainly didn't have any idea how to do it.

Still don't, really.

I only know that boys don't take long before their hair outgrows them, what we affectionately call in this household "looking like a woodchuck." In fact, Matt makes a pretty groovy woodchuck face that I am wishing I would have taken a picture of to include in this post. rats.


Me being the barber saves us lots of dough, though, so it is a worthwhile thing for me to do.

How do I do it? I cut my own far too infrequently. I never cut the girls'. And well, I wait until I can wait NO LONGER with the boys. Case in point:

Definitely woodchuck, no?

So we haul the stool onto the patio after dinner and start cutting.

This little girl decides she wants one too.

Too bad, little girl. Little girls look awful cute with wisps and besides, I only cut hair when I HAVE to.

This little boy sure wishes to be included.

Tough luck little guy. I only cut hair when there is hair to be cut.

Wow. Turns out I have me some handsome boys under all that hair.


Crazy mom of three said...

What settings do you use on your clippers?? Their hair looks great, btw!

Rebecca said...

I use 1/8 to 1/4 on the sides depending on smmer/winter and either use 1 inch on top or do the top with scissors. Then trim all the way around with just the metal piece.

Paula said...

I also cut mine and the children's hair and, like you, I wait until I absolutely have to! I cut my little boy's hair today. He has masses of thick curls and I'm always afraid I'm going to mess it up, but it somehow always turns out alright. My heart is always in my mouth whilst I'm snipping away with the scissors though!

Miranda said...

What a good lookin bunch you have!

Around here hubby usually cuts his hair and Carters. Im not sure if that is because he thinks I cant do it or he thinks I have enough to do. Hmm....I'll have to ask. ;)

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks good, Rebecca! My hubby cuts our boys hair and I cut his! Thankfully, my friend cuts mine...the girls don't get cut much and my friend does it when they do! :) It's actually one job, I don't really LOVE LOVE to do, but like you said...it's saves the dough! :)

Love that last picture!

abigail said...

I love the bookend pictures on this post, especially the top one. Andrew's expression is perfect, and the shot reminds me of a photojournalist's capture of the wonder-full everyday. (And you, lady, have very buff arms. Or perhaps it's only your left arm? I assume they match.)

Please tell your husband that it is not advised to squint in the sun. He should force his eyes WIDE open whenever his natural, God-given senses implore him to squint. (No, I'll never tire of this joke. You both will, but me? Never!!!)

I'm glad Adele has those wispies still. They're too cute to snip.

Bonnie said...

You're braver than I be. I cut B.'s hair every week, but the advantage of marrying a balding old geezer is that I can get away with buzzing it. Though he keeps threatening to grow it out long so his curls show ala Frazier Crane (if you are at all familiar with old Cheers episodes...)

Nicole said...

I cut hair for my husband and two boys, too- the same haircut for all three of them! My little girl is two, and has a mess of curly hair that hasn't been cut yet. I get mine cut 4 times a year.

This past winter, I accidentally nicked my three-year-old (now four-yearr-old) boy's ear while cutting his hair! I wound up having to take him to Urgent Care because I couldn't get the bleeding to stop! Six months later, he still reminds me, nervously, to please not cut his ears while I'm cutting his hair!

Rebecca said...

Nichole~ I am pretty impressed he still LETS you and just gives you a nice gentle reminder. (As if you need one!) Too cute.