What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, April 19, 2010


I realized tonight, I had missed out on recording some fun things that happened lately. Consider this a Catch-Up post. Catching up... with lots of jibber jabber mixed in.

  • We have weekly library trips. Usually Mondays. Sometimes, Thursdays. And sometimes, when we are feeling REALLY crazy (or if some requests have arrived) we will pop in more than once. But we haven't gone in two weeks and I returned all of our books except four that last trip. Our USUAL running tally of borrowed books totters around the 30's. (Our librarians threw the loan limits out the window with us, nice gals they are.) Needless to say, our library basket stared back at us forlorn and sad until I couldn't take it anymore. We went today. We now have 39 borrowed books to hold us over. Until next week.
  • Adele fell face first out of her boosterseat onto the hardwood floor two days ago and now sports a lovely blue/purple gooseegg on her swollen forehead. I can only imagine the tongues wagging if I were to post photos of the dear in her present state, right on the heels of those discipline posts! YIKES!
  • My first flower present of the year and, though I don't know what it is, it beats the pants off of a dandelion! Corynn said she found it "in the woods". You'll see more of this beauty another day.

  • The following conversation REALLY happened.
MAMA: Talking about who knows what (as usual)
ANDREW: "Mama?" "How do words get in your belly?"or more accurately, "How words get in your beyyey?"
MAMA (utterly confused): "WHAT?!?"
ANDREW: "How words get in me beyyey so me can spit dem back up?"

  • So did this one:
After a coughing fit, Andrew says "Me dink me have a beaver in me droat."
  • Corynn asked me to take a picture of her hands folded in front of her one day. So I did. (I never ask questions.)

  • Several weeks ago, Corynn and Grandma hosted a "tea party". Of course, since we are the only ones bearing babies (on purpose) on that side of the family, the official guests were all adult. But Corynn got to wear a fancy dress, a shawl and a pin and got to eat tea cakes to her hearts content. Nothing could have pleased her more.

  • Have you ever had a cow eat laundry off your line? I have. It isn't pleasant. Especially since it was half the load. Most especially because of the regurgitated "cud" he rather meticulously worked into the fabric. Yes. I was pleased. SO very, very pleased.

  • Speaking of mischevious animals-what about chickens inside your house?! Don't ask.
  • The weather was nice. We ate lunch outside. Miss Adele' got swallowed by a chair. (But seemed to enjoy it.)

  • On Saturday night, Matt surprised me by calling his parents very spontaneously and asking them to watch the children so we could go out together before THIS week. They did (!!) and we went. It was incredibly special to me for him to do that. Unfortunately, this wife of a farmboy is allergic to cows (which isn't too bad if I wash up immediately after direct contact (that would be chores)) and we drove in his work vehicle which, incidentally, is laden with cow dander and farm smells. I was a dripping, sopping, sneezing dope all through dinner. I drenched three hankies and could barely keep my eyes open when we got home. Such an attractive presentation, no? I am really elegant that way.
  • Many weeks ago, before the weather was nice enough to turn the cows out to pasture, Matt left me a wee little lovey note. I don't have to go to the barn for chores anymore, but sometimes I do anyway.

  • It is now 1:43 am. I just finished hemming up some curtains and now sit, eyes bloodshot and neck stiff at the computer blogging. I bet you can guess how much I enjoy going to bed when Matt is gone.
I had better skee-daddle though, because in about 7 hours, someone is coming to pick UP said curtains and I can't be in bed when they arrive. (sadly)



Bonnie said...

You mad me chuckle with this post!

Muffin dove out of a chair as well this week, and while I though she landed on just her hands, knees, and naked little belly (she is all about NO shirt/dress these last few days- its rather funny), her bruised nose is telling us otherwise. I know there is mostly cartilage in their, especially as small as she is, but WOW. She Looks like she was rubbing blueberries on her nose.

I know you're doing more about it in another post, but have you identified that flower yet? Its SO beautiful, and looks kinda like a lilly of some sort.

On the rare occasions B. isn't home for the night, I stay up 'til I can't see straight either, yep, I hear ya on that one. I hate a lonely bed, and house for that matter.

Oh, and we borrow a bazillion books at a time too. The one librarian told me she can always tell which books I've ordered in, and she always likes flipping through them. She is just the sweetest lady (maybe 'cuz we share a name ? cough cough cough;0P)
and as tall as she is round, but always dressed up in long skirts and (if you can say this about someone in their 40's/50's) cute as a button.

My gracious I've rambled on, trying to stay awake while the coffee brews and I can have my quiet time, then go work out on the elliptical while watching a rather awful BBC version of Anne of Avonlea. It follows the book more closely than the Wonderworks (now Disney?) version, but they all... *pro-ject* VERY well, and Marilla has the personality and acting ability of a doorknob.
Coffee's done, 'Bye!

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~poor baby! What is it? Our lives are somehow kinesthetically bound or something? I mean, getting pregnant together is one thing-but now it is extending to children falling from chairs?! This might be getting scary! :-)

So funny you mentioned about your librarian saying she likes your books. Mine says the same thing. In fact, she actually orders copies for the library to keep if I say I really enjoy a particular book. "I always know what books to order, just by looking at your requests." AND-she brought me three garbage bags full of fabric once, cleared out from her stash! I can't say she was doing me a favor (the fabric packrat!!) but she is just so nice that way.

Leah said...

What a fun post! Not that all your other posts aren't fun. ;) I just love hearing all the newsy bits about your sweet family.

I can't wait to see more pictures of the beautiful flower Corynn found!

Our library is so small that we don't even get a library card, just a number! We have a hard time finding any books we would like to borrow even through inter-library loan. I need to make a trip into a bigger town about 40 minutes away to get a real library card so I can request my own books online.

The tea party looks like it was a lot of fun and I'm Corynn was a perfect hostess just like her mama always is. :)

So glad you got to spend some alone time with Matt before he left but so sorry you had to deal with all the allergies. I'm sure it was all worth it!

A Happy Wife said...


I have my field guides close by the computer so I looked-up your flower. It appears to be a "Trout Lily," so named because of the "similarity between the leaf markings and those of the brown or brook trout. It is one of our most common spring wildflowers, and is found in sizable colonies." So...there should be more where that one came from!

So sorry for your lonely nights. I hope your massive to-do list keeps your mind off Matt's absence!

AND...thanks for the lovely letter and parcel that arrived the end of last week. It was in the mailbox Friday morning as we were on our way to Ian's 5th grade testing. (I pulled to the side of the road to read it...luckily, we had left home in plenty of time to reach our destination!!!) Camryn loved the magnets and had to carry them around with her all day. It was a bright spot at the end of another tiring week.

Thank you.

Our internet is finally up-and-running, and I am enjoying your photos once again. (Couldn't view your Easter pics and all the stuff you had made...it drove me crazy!) But, it's working great now...and I'm getting caught-up again.

I hope to get my sorely neglected blogs updated soon...and I have a few repurposing posts to publish when things slow down around here.

Hope your week without hubby flies by! I'll be praying for you...

Kris Zerby

Wendy said...

The beaver in my throat made me laugh out loud~ kids say such funny things, and it is always a joy to remember them :-)

Ps Skating in May on the 21st...Join us!

alyssa spring said...

My husband is a firefighter and has to work 24 hours shifts....I love the days he is home not just because of his company but because I can actually sleep! i love your posts....you make my day!