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Friday, April 16, 2010

An Egg Week

Our chickens are loving the sunshine and are rewarding us...bountifully....for letting them roam around the yard all day.

Seriously. It is getting overwhelming. We have so many eggs it would make your eyes cross. Like, triple digits.

We are going to be putting our EGGS FOR SALE sign out this weekend, but something has to be done NOW. So on Monday morning, as the children were eating cereal, I declared this week to be an EGG week and I was going to see how many we could demolish.

Here was the rundown of breakfasts.

Monday~cereal. Eggnog (=6 eggs)

Tuesday~ Scrambled eggs, slices of cheddar, orange, toast with peanut butter. Grape juice (I canned it last year). (=9 eggs)

Wednesday~ Dippy Eggs (or sunny side up eggs, some call them). Toast with butter. Half a banana. Grape Juice (=6 eggs)

Thursday~ Egg sandwiches with ham and cheddar. Grape Juice. (=5 eggs)

Friday~ French toast with our own maple syrup. Half a banana. Milk. (=3 eggs)

So far, I have used up 29 eggs. (Less than what we get from two mornings of gathering.)

Tonight I am going to try my hand at breakfast pizza. (That should use up around 5 eggs, including dough)

Strata will be for breakfast on Saturday (=10 eggs)

Sunday we will likely have leftover strata for breakfast. But I plan to take a whole mess of deviled eggs to a going away party/picnic in the afternoon.

I wonder if hard boiling two dozen would be overkill. Is 48 deviled eggs TOO much?


MamaBirdEmma said...

There can never been too many deviled eggs!! Don't forget egg salad... that is always such a yummy lunch!

Tracy said...

QUICHE!!!! We love it and you can throw leftover meats or veggies in. Oh, and there's an egg in the pie crust, too.

And cream pies. Or homemade butterscotch pudding. Loads of eggs in those!

Leah said...

I agree, there can never be too many deviled eggs! In fact, I just made some myself! Speaking of eggs, do you have any tried and true methods of peeling farm fresh hard-boiled eggs? I detest peeling our super fresh eggs. I always seem to take off some of the white as well as the shell.

And I'm loving all the egg recipes/ideas! :)

Joel Engelsma said...

If your family gatherings are anything like ours, the deviled eggs are the first to go! Go for it.

Tracy said...

Leah, Boil your water BEFORE placing the eggs in it. Once it's at a full boil, lower the eggs in on a slotted spoon so as not to break them. Set your timer for 10 minutes and continue boiling. When the timer goes off, turn the burner off and let them sit in the pan for another 5 minutes. After that timer goes off, drain the hot water, and run cold water over the eggs. After a few minutes, change the water again, with more cold water. The eggs should peel nicely.

Anonymous said...

Dear One, We use so many eggs a day I would just love to have more! Never too many eggs!!! Your children need eggs for breakfast everyday...my children have had eggs from our own chickens everyday their whole lives, of course now the grown ones won't eat eggs....eggs are so healthy they have natural lecithin that breaks down unhealthy cholestrol and they are nothing but pure protein the building block of children's brains! Smart children eat eggs! Now off my chicken box! We just hatched over 120 eggs! Love Chickens...they're the best. Mumofeight

Bonnie said...

I think you can freeze quiche too. But don't quote me on that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my george, I wish I had that problem! I have to buy 5 dozen at a whack to keep us going. We likee the eggies.

Rebecca said...

Leah~ use older eggs! We save some for about three weeks before I even think about hard boiling them. Fresh FRESH eggs are just a PAIN to hardboil--Otherwise, it just ruins them.

Bonnie~yes, you can freeze them. I have some frozen as we speak. ;-)

Too bad you egg lovers don't live near us, we could use you stopping by our roadside stand!!

Anonymous said...

You could always use your own genius idea and celebrate with an angel food cake. I'd like to do that soon as my fridge is overflowing with eggs too! :)

JenniferM said...

How many chickens do you have Rebecca? My dh has wanted chickens for awhile and finally got a dozen chicks just before Easter. How long do fresh eggs keep? We were buying farm eggs for awhile, but never knowing how old they were bothered me a bit.

Yes, older eggs are easier to peel when hard boiled. I wasn't on top of things for our Easter egg coloring and ended up with too-fresh eggs that have been a pain to peel.

Rebecca said...

marriedtothefarm~funny you should mention that. When I saw your comment on my angel food cake it occurred to me that I hadn't made one in a while and that would be a good use for them! Great suggestion!

Jennifer~oh! You are going to love having chickens! We keep 17 layers and a Rooster. Last year we had over 30 chickens because we were "chicken sitting".

Fresh eggs keep for quite a long time. Four or five weeks! Longer, if refrigerated. (We don't.)

If your chicks are hens, you can anticipate a dozen eggs a day coming your way. We have about 15 coming but six of our hens are old (over 2 years) and as they get older they produce less and less. We may be having some chicken dinners in the near future....

JenniferM said...

These chicks are "guaranteed hens". :) For our first go at chickens we thought staying away from the roosters would be best. I've heard they can be agressive with kids--do you let your rooster roam or do you keep him away from the kids?

The funny thing is my husband doesn't eat eggs. His mom ate a lot of eggs and so naturally gave some to her infant son who had an allergic reaction. She never ever gave him eggs again even though the rest of the family continued to eat plenty of them. And so, he never developed a taste for eating eggs. I showed him your menu and told him that was in his future. :P

Please do post about it when you "repurpose" your old hens.

Leah said...

Tracy, thank you so much for that tip! I'll definitely try it next time I make hard-boiled eggs. :)

Rebecca, we only have 10 chickens right now so eggs don't last 3 weeks around here. We do always use the ones that are the oldest, though.

Rebecca said...

Jennifer~that was a smart move-getting the sexed variety! Some roosters ARE just plain mean. In fact, we HAD 20 chickens but we had to butcher one rooster because it was attacking the children and we gave another one away for the same reason. It was so bad that the dumb thing would chase them when the children were just going to the CAR! My children, who would LIVE outdoors if they could, eventually became petrified to step foot out of the door!

Our other rooster is sweet as can be. The difference is that he was handled as a chick all the time. If you eventually decide to get a rooster...only get ONE (so there is no competition and you avoid that extra aggression) and handle him often!

Veronica @ A Quiet Heart said...

Yes, make quiche(s)! (And you can freeze them for "later" - like when Smooch arrives!) And, no, there can never be too many deviled eggs - they always seem to go too quickly. :) And, someone mentioned egg salad...I think y'all have just helped me plan my menu for this next week...although since I do not have fresh eggs at my disposal, I am off to the store...

Veronica @ A Quiet Heart said...

Oh...and I also make breakfast burritos (and stash them in the freezer), which uses at least a dozen eggs (although you could certainly use more) for each batch of about 24 burritos...I have "recipe" on my blog if you would like to check it out... http://www.aquietheart.com/?p=1157