What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a week!

(and it has only JUST begun!)

I am a single parent (AGAIN) this week as work has taken Mattie to New Hampshire until Friday. (*sniff)

So...while he gets to stay in luxurious hotels (by luxurious I mean...with ideal temperature heating/cooling controls) and eating at fancy restaurants (by fancy I mean, getting food served to you with no dishes to wash afterwards) I will be here. Alone.

Tending to children.
And chickens.
And calves.
Making meals to sit at an empty-headed table.
Singing to Smooch.
Doing laundry.
Working on a church directory for (you guessed it!) our church.
Finding something RED.
Cleaning a church-NOT ours (twice) and mending curtains-not mine.
Modifying our budget (again!).
Making some pillowcases.
Cleaning my bedroom.
Packing away the 7/8th of the closet that no longer fits me.
Starting a new family read aloud.
Falling asleep, alone.

and no doubt, blogging a lot more since my nights will have such a deep, lonely void in them. SO-don't get sick of me or anything.

I don't plan on saying anything even remotely controversial. Promise. ;-)

~ all photos taken of the most stunning tree (anyone know what kind?) in our libraries' yard. ~


Bonnie said...

I'm sorry you'll be lonely, but so glad you'll be blogging more ;0) I won't get sick of you!
I've got a full week planned too, and so far, its off to a good start, because Miss-Screamed-Her-Head-Off-Everyday-Last-Week, has hardly fussed once today.
And thats includes when putting up with overly loving Big Brother, who is fascinated by her possibly broken nose.
I'm rambling, so I'll go....

Debbie in CA : ) said...

You've been admiring a beautiful, fragrant magnolia stellata, probably "Royal Star." Mine has but a few remaining petals . . . *sigh* . . . but the memory of that sweet, sweet fragrance will nourish me with longing for next spring when it dances all over again. Every garden should have at least one. ; D

Unknown said...

sorry you're 'alone'. I've not spent the night without my husband since we got married almost 2 years ago.... I hope I never have to but I'm sure I will someday.
I'll be praying that your week goes smoothly :)

Psalms w guitar said...

How's Corynn feeling? I felt bad that I did not get to say good-bye to you yesterday, Thanks for coming and being a support to Mark & us. I will be praying for you and the kiddo's especially this week w/o hubby & daddy around. Have a blessed day!

~ Mary

JenniferM said...

I'm sorry you'll be having another lonely week, but agree with Bonnie that we get the advantage of your increased blogging presence. I follow another blog of a mom of 8 whose husband is gone A LOT. I don't know how you ladies do it as the days mine has been away from me in the 5 years we've been married can be counted on my fingers AND he works from home too. I'm very spoiled.

Morgan said...

I wish you were the one in NH so I cold meet you!!

Jess said...

Oh Rebecca, I am sorry you have to be away from Matt yet again. :( I know the feeling all too well. I have been trying to keep up with your blog and just got caught up on your Raising Abel series. Lots of great thoughts there!
Hope you are feeling well.

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ broken nose?!? Sounds like a story! My own Adele has a huge goose-egg sized bruise on her forehead from falling from the boosterseat at the table this week. Niiiiiice.

Debbie~ THANK you. I am in love with this tree. No surprise it is a near relative of the magnolia, another love!

and Jennifer~ NO fair! I remember those days. Up until THIS job, Matt and I had slept away from each other about 4 days. IN 7 years. This job has more than made up for it though. waaaaahhhh. And working at HOME Jennifer?! That is Matts' and my DREAM. How did you do it?!

Mary~ THANK you for your incredibly sweet call today! Either Corynn ate a small bit of something bad or too much of a good thing, she fell asleep on the way home and was herself again by the time we reached it. Thank you for your concern and prayers. So glad to have shared in your (Mark's) special day. I thought it was incredibly sweet when you stood up front, by the way. My heart went pitter-pat when I saw your tears. I almost FELT the pain!

Morgan~ ditto! I keep telling Matt he needs to take me WITH him sometime but....hasn't happened YET!

Jess~yeah. I have gone pretty loony with the blogging lately. Matt has been away a lot and this is my "happy place" as well as my place to vent. You might as well give up on trying to keep up. I think I am a lost cause! ;-) Are you well?

Unknown said...

Sad for you to be missing your man, but glad for me to have more Renaissance coming our way! ;)

PS- What do you do with these kind of photos? I'm struggling with my organization of my GAZILLIONS of jpegs...I mean we take a lot of odd photos for blogs...pictures of broken toys, random food shots, etc and I also have a lot of nature shots...what do you keep, what do you delete, and how to do you organize & store? :) Maybe all my questions will keep you busy one of these lonely evenings! :)

Terri said...

That tree is gorgeous! I feel for you this week, as my hubby is away for a pastor's conference for the week and I'm all by my lonesome. Unlike you though, I can't think of anything remotely blog-worthy!

Rebecca said...

Amy~ORGANIZE?!? HA! hahahahahHAHAHAHahahahaha. I don't. I don't even PRINT the dumb things. (That is why I blog so many pictures, because this is how I "scrapbook" them. I am also very bad at backing things up. That is a big one. If something were to wrong with the computer, I would lose all of Adele's growing up pictures and most of Andrews. Corynn was born in the age of film, if you know what I mean. ;-)

I *MUST* do better at that.

I plan to actually buy some of those printed photobooks of important things (like Adele's birth). I like to print the nature shots to make cards for mailing. The silly stuff, like food and mess and so forth I will eventually delete-but I would never delete the nature photos and beauty-in-every day photos. I would like to someday make a book about them too.

Terri~I don't know of anything blog worthy to write about either. That is why I am posting nonsense. I am that desperate. :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks, girl! You made me feel better! ROFL!!! LOL!!! I STILL haven't figured it out! :)


Morgan said...

You and/or your family have a place to stay in NH anytime. I'm about a mile from the beach too!!

Peggy said...

Oh my I am enjoying your blogs!! I am so sorry that Matt is away right now. I truly know your pain!! We were married over 5 years before we were together more than we were gone, considering Chris left for a 1 year remote to Korea exactly two weeks after our 1st anniversary! But he has been home almost continually for the past 5 years so I am not looking forward to him being gone next week. He gets home the day before his folks get here! No no stress here!!

We are all doing so much better! Everything is in bloom and we sniffle a lot but still feel fine!! Ha ha!! People just give us odd looks...

Oh what a beautiful magnolia! We had one outside our bedroom window when we lived in OHio. I can still smell it!! Pure Heaven!!

Jess said...

I am doing great. I have been very busy with school stuff lately. I am feeling much better thanks so much for asking. :)
Dare I ask what you decided to do about a Dr., ultrasound and all that jazz? Shoot me an email if you would rather not share here. :)

Love & Blessings..