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Friday, February 23, 2007


If ever there was a time when a woman needed a break...the woman would be me and the time would be NOW. :-)

Here is a run down of my night, last night. To bed at 10:00...out of bed until midnight. 1:00am Andrew had thrown up-I rocked him back to sleep. Between 2 and 3am, I was up with my own issues. 5:00am Andrew was screaming the most horrendously painful screams I think I have ever heard. His diaper and clothes were a mess and apparently he had been laying in it all for a while because his whole diaper area and up past his belly button was candyapple red and sore to even look at. I cleaned him up-again-got him some water and laid him in bed with me. But laying NEXT to me was not good enough. He cried and sobbed. About a half hour later, I put him on TOP of me and he threw his head in the crook of my neck and fell asleep instantaneously.

Picture me-stiff as a board-laying on my back with my ankles crossed~an exhausted babe drooling down my neck, one leg flung over my waist, the other curled up by my chest. I couldn't move my head-or his head would move and he would wake up. I could move my arms or he would roll off.

We stayed that way-stiff as a board until Corynn woke us BOTH up at 6:50...approximately 45 minutes after the Panda had pewtered out.

I have not been having the best nights lately, for various reasons, so it isn't as though I have all sorts of stored 'sleeptime' to fall back on. No. Just me and my lost REM cycle. What a day.

My head is already starting to pound. I hate it when that happens. I might break my own rule and nap with the kids today. And my to-do list? That flew out the window last night when the gusts of wind blew the lower window DOWN onto Corynn's bed (true story!). Maybe I will watch a movie and so some crocheting. I am counting the minutes until our doctors appointment on Monday and I am praying that my little guy gets to feeling better soon. Ah-there he is now, looking for a snuggle.

Have a great weekend everyone, and sleep well for me! :-)
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karen said...

I feel your pain. Me and my youngest 2 years old have been going through the sleepless night due to his intense vomitting. And there is no time to nap in the day because I have 12 hours of laundry to clean this vommmiting. Being a mom is not easy.

Els said...

Dear Rebecca,
I feel for you,
whishing you all better soon,
happy and healthy.
Praying for you all!

Kelli said...

Dear Rebecca, I'm so sorry to hear about your awful night. If I lived closer, I would be right over giving you a hand with whatever you needed. I hope you are able to get some rest today and Andrew is feeling better. I'll be praying for your family.

Mrs. B. said...

Don't worry about your to-do list or other things. Take a nap! It will make you much more worthwhile for all you go through and for your family. I will be praying for you. It doesn't seem like enough, but it is all I can do from afar.

Carmichael Family said...

Poor Andrew! And poor you, Rebecca! Praying for you both, and hoping Andrew is feeling better soon!

Mrs. Klause said...

You visited my blog recently. www.clothedwithscarlet.typepad.com Actually, I just answered your email and hopped on over to see about your blog. I shall pray for you and your family. Gather your strength from the Lord and if you don't know where to search or are too tired to pray, just start reading the Psalms sister! ;0) Ask the Lord what you might learn through this and draw near to Him. I'd love to share a little secret: when the GI bug hits the house, get out the dryer sheets! When those sheets or clothes become covered with vomit, just place a dryer sheet in the room somewhere in a little bowl and it works wonders. The same for the bathroom of course... ;0)

I'm looking forward to reading through your blog on another day. It is already late and I am preparing a cow cake for another birthday gathering for the girls tomorrow.

I pray that you will be richly blessed today.

Most sincerely,
Mrs. Klause

smilnsigh said...

Oh my Dear, I'm so sorry. But I'm so glad the Panda is going to the doctor. I really feel he needs to, soon. All these 'troubles,' can dehydrate a little one. Actually, they can dehydrate anyone, but especially a baby.

And poor Mommy. Please do nap when they do. Please do. Think of it as self-preservation. And family preservation.

Humans need sleep, or they can't function well. And most important of all ~~ a Mommy who can't function, can't take care of anyone else, in the best way.

So if you can't convince yourself to flow as easily as possible and nap during this stressful time, phulllleeeeeeeeeze do it, for the family.

Hugs, hugs, hugs...
PS After you commented it, I do remember your very lovely flower 'girlie' painting. So happy I happened to pick the same one, for in my blog.