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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


With the weekend, projects, and every other lame excuse in the book-I can honestly say this house has more MESSY areas than clean ones. Last night, I knew it was time to bring out the BIG guns and get SERIOUS~so I made myself a to-do list. (On a side note: to-do lists are VERY motivating and prevent thumb-twiddledge so in my book-they are top notch!) My list for today was on a sheet of notebook paper-and EVERY SINGLE line was used up with the exception of THREE. Those lines were time frames saying 'In AM', 'During Nap' and 'In PM'.

Wouldn't you know, I am here sitting on the computer and simultaneously eating my lunch, just a bit after noon and guess what? I have only FOUR more things to accomplish on my list for today! THAT is how motivating these lists are to me! A few more days of ridiculously long to-do lists and this house might be close to presentable! ;-)


I got a hold of the doctor (cough cough-yes, I called THEM...two days after they said they would call me...) and found out that the results on my Peanut Butter eating Panda were negative. So-that is WONDERFUL news. And yet: there is still the issues with diaper volcanos and vomiting. I am going to have to get creative now. My plan of action is to cut him off of milk and peanut butter products. If he returns to normal, I will introduce one of the two. My only thought is he is having adverse reactions to one of these two things. I set up an appointment for him next week to get some shots-so if things are not better by then, we can chat about that as well. I sure do hope I can figure this stuff out. My poor little guy is acting a champ-but I KNOW he can't feel all THAT great. I will be glad to be done with all of this as will my washing machine!


This is day TWO of beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures. What a WONDERFUL change it has been! I can actually see our blacktop again! Hurrah! I could DEFINATELY get used to this!

Well, that is about all I have time to talk about today. Four more projects to check off, after all! The best part is-all for are FUN and creative ones! You know the saying...best for last, right? Just wait until you see what my fingers are going to be occupied with today!

This is a photo of Corynn's doll that was once my doll. When I was but a girl, she donned an apron for working and took care of her wee babe. Those have since disappeared, but she alone gets lots of love these days and is often trekked to stores or for car rides by her newest Little Miss. I am so glad that my young and naive self didn't sell at a yard sale ALL my outgrown things-to see my child play with my own playthings from days gone by...well, it just does my heart good.


Michelle said...

Hi there, Rebecca. Sorry Andrew is still having problems. :( For what it is worth, I would try cutting out one thing at a time. As in, just cut out the peanut butter right now. If you cut out milk, you must cut out ALL milk products, including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and anything that has casein and milk products in the ingredient listing. Yeah, a whole lot of fun!

I would honestly give him the formula over the milk, but I know there are lots of people who would burn me at the stake for saying such a thing! hehe

Glad to hear the party went well. It looked like such fun! I am sorry we missed it.

Kelli said...

Hi Rebecca!
Wonderful news about Andrew's test! I think you have a good plan with cutting dairy and peanuts out and then adding them one at a time. I'm glad his appetite is back!

Good job on getting so much done on your list! I'm still trying to get caught up on laundry...it might have something to do with not folding the clothes in the dryer and then having to re-fluff them over and over again..hehe.

Such a sweet doll, I'm sure Corynn is a good mommy to her.


Christine said...

Hi Rebecca! I am so glad that Andrew's tests came back well! I will pray that everything goes back to normal! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that the test came back (-)...I do agree with the above comment though, few little babies digestive systems can handle cows milk before 1 year. I would try that first as his symptoms are indicative of lactose problems. Be careful with the peanuts also, as introducing them too early can cause allergies.

I hope you figure out what is bothering him!
(Michelle - I wouldn't think bad about you for the formula comment!)

betsy said...

Just stopping by to say hi! I've enjoyed reading over your last few posts and catching up with you and your family! I hope Andrew's problems resolve soon - I'm sure that's no fun for anyone! And your doll from childhood is darling - I too treasure the few things I saved from when I was a little girl. I'll try to keep up better through blogging! God bless!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Rebecca,
I'm so glad that Andrew didn't have Salmonella poisoning! I know that you've been having issues, but I'm sure it's a relief knowing it isn't from that!

Boy, lists do help you to get motivated! Maybe I should try that, it might help me to get motivated to get more done during the day (however this week has been tough, because I've had all the kids home from school for winter recess)

I can relate to the dolly story. Samuel loves reading my book from when I was little "Are you my mother?" It's not the same as a dolly, but it is something special from my childhood I got to pass down to my son just as you are passing down your special dolly to Corynn :)