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Saturday, February 24, 2007

mason cups

Matt surprised me with dinner out last night and we decided to do some exploring. We went to this restaurant called Jethro's. We were looking for something a step above fast food but not expensive (or TERRIBLY expensive I should say, since really, ALL premade food is expensive! hehehe) The sign had a picture of a redneck old man with a piece of straw in his mouth and leaning against a pitchfork. We thought- "Ahhh-now THAT place can't be all that expensive!" We got in the joint and let's just say, it had a different feel to it than we expected. I did like very much that they served all drinks in mason jars. That is just cool.
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Kelli said...

That is a great picture!!

Christine said...

Is that sweet tea in your Mason jars? I just love that! What a comfortable feel that restaurant must have had.Blessings!

Jerelene Postin said...

We use canning jars here at my house. I'm just curious was the food good though? I just love your blog! Jerelene

Helpmate said...

Great angle! Hope your evening out was enjoyable.

Rebecca said...

Christine~it was rasberry tea...and SO delicious...and I was FLOATING out of there! ;-)

Jerelene~thank you for posting a comment! I am always glad to be introduced to new people!! The food was good but the service was poor...we probably won't go there again. We have a few of those canning jars with handles that we use for glasses. I bought them for my husband to make his hard cider to can and only after I brought them home did I realize, the lids don't fit properly. Now they are drinking 'mugs' and I do like them very much. :-)

Kelli and Helpmate~thanks for being gracious...it really isn't a great shot-but maybe someday I will have one like this be great...practice makes perfect, right?!