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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I had a few minutes today and thought I might just as well get on the computer, since I am so unwilling to do anything else except of course, snuggle with Mattie while watching AMADEUS (which I plan to do in about 2.5 nano-seconds...)

After stewing and worrying, I decided I didn't want to wait to get Andrew to the doctor's on Monday so I called to see my options. I took Andrew to the doctor yesterday and the doctor gave me three different prescriptions. One for salmonella poisening (which he believes is the culprit though the sample came back negative), one for medicated cream for his nether-regions (Andrew's, not the doctors) and a yeast infection that has gone to his belly (!?!), and one for vomiting. Andrew had lost a bit over two pounds.

The doctor told me to stop peanut butter all together but to continue milk would be fine. Still, I hesitate. I gave him a cup of milk yesterday, confident from the doctors assurances, and this morning was a repeat of every other day. I may stop the MILK feeding all together (but I will continue cheese and so forth) just in case. Maybe too much of milk is not helping any.

I went to the pharmacist next door and got two of the three prescriptions filled (the other was not in stock. On a side note-this same prescription had me travel to TWO OTHER stores who were ALSO out of stock for it so that perscription will have to wait until Monday.)

Back to my story-I have to say, I planned to pay for the prescriptions with my debit card. Unfortunately for me, they only accepted cash or check...neither of which I had. Oh dear! What to do. I was mentally evaluating my options when the (very kind) man (who was, by the way, a very muscular, necklace wearing, head shaving, Hulk-Hogan look-alike) said to me, "Don't worry about it. Mail me the check."

I was floored. WHAT? Trust? A business offers TRUST in the 21st century?!? That just made my day. I think that is the greatest thing ever.

So-that is the scoop on Andrew. He is still a sick puppy but I hope that will be changing soon. In the meantime, he has his usual verocious appetite, he drinks like a fish, and is happy as a clam. As long as he is not getting a diaper change! And he is proudly vomit-free for a WHOLE DAY! ;-)

Thanks for all your prayers and support. I really appreciate you all.

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Kelli said...

Thank you for the update, Rebecca! I'm so glad Andrew is starting to feel better and I will pray his medications kick in quickly so he is back to him normal self soon!
That is wonderful about being able to mail a check!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca...
have you thought of maybe nursing your little one again? Your breastmilk may be very healing to him with all the antibodies in it and maybe his young digestive system is not ready for Cows milk...just a thought..what r ur thoughts? I weaned my little Caleb and after 4 months have started to nurse him again...my milk came back in plentiful and no more Pukey days for him!!

smilnsigh said...

Ohh I am sooo happy that you took him sooner. Oh yes! -happy sigh-

Now from the sound of it, you were lucky enough to go to a privately owned Pharmacy. The one where the pharmacist said; "Mail my the check." It HAD to be so. Chain Pharmacies just don't do that.

And how come 'she' is soooo noisy on this, eveyone must be asking.. 'Cause we have run a family Drug Store for near half a century and we know. :-) In today's world, and for many years, personal service is the only thing which kept us open. The chains undercut the 'little guy,' on price and etc. But... happily, there are still people who like personal interaction.

Oh and, another plug, before I stop. Please remember how understanding this pharmacist was. Please go back to him on Mon., to get the other Rx. Please tell everyone you bump into, what a NICE place his Pharmacy is. "The little guy" needs all the word-of-mouth advertising he/we can get. :-))))

Off your soap-box now, Mari-Nanci! -grin-

But did I say I'm happy you bopped right over to the doc? :-)) Yes, I did. :-)))

Hugs to you and to Andrew,
PS Who will have a new entry up in her blog, soon. :-)))

Elizabeth said...

Hey Rebecca,
Glad you decided to take Andrew to the dr. early. I hope his medications start kicking in rather quickly!!!

Also, I'm glad to hear your story about the pharmacy! Once in a while I am pleasantly surprized in the trust of people. When I bought my barrister bookcase, the previous owner at first wasn't sure if they would be there, so they said they would put it out on their porch, and I could just leave a check in their mailbox. I was so impressed! They did happen to be there (maybe they changed their mind) :) but the point was, that they offered a very trustworthy solution! It makes me happy to know that all is not bad in the world! :)

Anonymous said...

Bless your little Panda's heart. He has had quite a time and so have you. I haven't had a chance to visit your blog in awhile & am "catching up"... I will keep your Andrew in my prayers.
Also, how refreshing to hear your pharmacy story. I love shopping at the "Mom & Pop" stores. They have customer service like no other.. =)
Take care
Victoria =)

Anonymous said...

I wish i had an account! anyhow...just a note to encourage you to nurse your wee little guy again too! Nursing is so Healthful and Gods Plan. My daughter had many of the same symptoms as Andrew and Nursing was so great for her system...it is the MIRACLE GOLD that God gave us mothers especially for our little ones who are sick/food poisoned/or need mamas milk instead of hormone/chemical filled Cows Milk. So Rebecca...just an encouragement to start breastfeeding him...id love to hear how he does!!

Mrs. B. said...

What a handsome dude! Hope he continues to feel better. And I don't mind you talking to me via Elizabeth's blog. I have so enjoyed these times.

Paula said...

Oh Rebecca, I am so sorry to hear he is still so sick. Sounds a LOT like what my SIL went through with her little guy. Has he had vaccinations recently? I am not sure if you do them or not. He would do that within a few weeks of vaccinations.

I also went through the same thing with EE. She lost so much weight that she was negative 50% percentile on the growth charts. It happened so fast. We cut out all dairy and that helped a LOT. We also cut out all gluten. It took a few weeks, but she finally started gaining again. We did not do soy or dairy forumla, I actually made my own (she was only 9 months at the time). Of course she is my plumpest one now. LOL! :)

Also, just had to let you know I finally got up the nerve to finish my calling cards! They are on my page. Also, I sent you and your friend a copy of the marriage certificate, but neither of you mailed back saying you got it. Did it go through OK?

~~Anne said...

Rebecca, Glad to hear the news about Andrew. I'm praying that by now he's doing even better than when you wrote on Saturday.

Rebecca said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. He does seem to be on the mend now-which is a GREAT burden lifted, both physical and emotional. Praie God for that!