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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What IS it?

This creature was SUPPOSED to be a platypus but Corynn insists it is a duck. Andrew is making some 'quacking' sounds, so I guess he decides!
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Elizabeth said...

It looks like a platypus, but I can also see how the kids think it looks like a duck from the colors- it is so adorable, and such a nice idea..Did you think of it yourself? Did you follow a pattern? I love Andrew's Platyduck :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit, I thought "what a cute little duck" when I saw it... I love it!

Rebecca said...

Alright. I already commented on this...where did it go.

I know. You are right Caite. It does look like a duck...but only because it is yellow and orange. If it were brown and cream, it would DEFINATELY be a platypus. Perhaps someday, if brown yard makes it way into my stash, I will prove it to you! :-)

A long time ago, while I was searching for free and easy online patterns for ponchos, I happened upon a bunch of stuffed animals made from squares. I adapted that to make the playpus-but of course, didn't have a pattern, just my memory.

abigail said...

Love this! The yarn is perfect for him, platypus or no.