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Monday, February 19, 2007

Secret Rendezvous

(By the way, that hand belongs to my mother who just happened to cut the end of her finger off when cutting flowers...in case you were wondering... hehehe)

What happens when you mix Wendy's frosties, framboise, werewolfs, kindred spirits, and birthdays? A very fun surprise birthday party that lasts, well, into the morning-that's what!

You see, I have been holding a very big secret from the blog world-and my husband. I had arranged to have some of our closest friends gather together to surprise the pants of my 30 year old hubby this weekend. I must say...it was TERRIBLY difficult to keep a secret from him, I nearly slipped up too many times to count. The closer it got, the more difficult it became, but by then I had learned to think through an entire conversation in my head before starting one from my mouth. And he was surprised. Genuinely so. That might have had something to do with the donning of my most fancy dress and the 'claim' to have reservations at a special place.

I spent the day with Elizabeth shopping and finishing up party details while Matt went to spend time with his brother. He had specific instructions to pick me up at 6:00. I got all dolled up, too. I felt like I was going to prom-getting into a fancy dress, doing my hair up and putting on all sorts of jewelry. I even wore perfume, so you KNOW it was a special occasion.

I knew that if I didn't get dressed up he would see right through the 'reservation' bit. When he came we headed to our first destination...Wendy's! He loves their frosties and I needed to stall him so my sister could get over to the party place with her family and the pizzas.

We pulled up and he laughed. And then I shut off the car. He said, "We are REALLY going inside?!?" He thought it was pretty funny and started looking at me with the adoring eyes I see every now and again when I know he feels special. We ate a frosty with one spoon and enjoyed uninterrupted conversation. When in neared 6:30, we headed back to the car where he was then blindfolded.

Our friends, John and Abby, were kind enough to open their home for this shin-dig so we headed there, where everyone waited quietly until his blindfold was taken off...SURPRISE!

It was great fun. Everything went according to plan except one MINOR detail...my camera was left at my sister's house so I couldn't take any pictures! My sister covered the problem though, by taking lots of topnotch photos with her fancy camera. She even made me a disc so I could blog them, so thank her when the time comes. Unfortunately, that will have to be tomorrow because the disc is in the car which Matt took to work today!

A most heartfelt Thank-You to everyone who came to the party to celebrate with Matt on his life and those who were willing to bring some snacks to share; and especially to John and Abby for opening up their home for so many people and for such a long time and to Elizabeth and Bob who helped immensely by sacrificing their car to haul me around for last-minute party related stuff, and taking the pizza over and just everything. You all made Matt's weekend very special and helped me out IMMENSELY! THANK YOU!

I am very thankful for her party coverage, as you will see by looking at the fuzzy blurry photos I hurriedly snapped in the two hours that I had my camera in my possession.
The photo below happened when I heard Corynn say, ""Drana...I love you." When I looked over, I saw them like this. So cute.

Also during our weekend, I was able to attend a baby shower that had been previously planned for the middle of the week. Thank goodness for the snow and its postponement (is that a word?) of the shower until Sunday! It was great fun-I do so love baby showers! Wendy-I will send you the photos either by disc (in the mail) or by email-whatever Matt will help me do! :-)

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and comments for my Panda over the weekend. Andrew had more issues but his contented disposition never waned. I gave the hospital our number in case they needed to reach me and they never did, so I am assuming their was no rush. Now I wait for the confirmation phone call. One good thing is that Andrew has gotten his ridicululous appetite back! I have never been so thankful for him to eat me out of house and home!

Thank you Tammy and Tracy, for the information they gave me on salmonella and milk. I am glad to know the things you told me-for now and future reference!


Well, enough about my weekend...fun must always come to an end. I suppose I should start the tedious task of unpacking and getting into the weekly routine. Look for party pictures tomorrow and have a wonderful Monday!
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