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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wedding Thoughts

CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!!! I was able to post pictures within blogger...several pictures in fact, so that this can be ONE post, instead of four! Whoopee!!!!

Anyway~I am a day late, but I thought this would be a fun idea. A bunch of ladies got together for 'cyber tea' and talked about their weddings over Valentine's Day. SO... here I am, though your tea may be cold...

I had scrapbooked all of my wedding photos, which meant scanning them and all THAT fun stuff. Because of this, I will only give you these four instead of the bazillion I would have LIKED to show you.

This is my favorite shot ever...even though you can't see my delicately colored flowers or the detail on my dress. I love it because it was NOT staged...the photographer caught a moment and didn't ASK us to do this...it just happened because Matt is sweet and I was so amazingly happy it just poured from my soul.

I loved my flowers. I loved them so much! All pastels: pinks, blue, pale green (along with the bridesmaid dresses), lavendar and buttercup yellow. My original plan was to have each bridesmaid/maid of honor in a different pastel colored dress, but my plan didn't happen because my best friend couldn't make it to the wedding and so TWO ladies in different colored dresses would just look inconsistent. Then-we ordered dresses and they never came. I remember going to the MALL with my sisters just a few weeks before the wedding and by some MIRACLE finding two of the same dresses in different sizes to match them. It must have been prom time or something, but I can honestly say-it was a gift from God. Samantha, the flower girl, was actually a STAND IN because the real flower girl had the puksies...she did a wonderful job though. I made her floral ball.

As for the top photo-I love it. I don't know what I was teasing Matt about-but the photographer said that it was a perfect way to let him know what he was in for! HA!

Istead of the loud rock bands, we wanted our wedding to be more...classy and distinguished. Don't get me wrong, I love to dance. But Matt and I wanted our wedding to be celebrating our new life with our family and friends. We wanted people to leave feeling refreshed and happy-not with migraines. So, we hired a Touch of Class- a string quartet. (Would you believe, they were CHEAPER than a DJ, too?) I believe it was the last wedding they did. I will never forget when our entire reception started to sing Adelweis in unison. That was cool.

I had to add this kissy face one...you know I did.

I wish I could show you the things I made for the wedding to personalize it (and save money). I made the guest book, the seating display, the flower girls ball, the bulletins, and decorated a white twig birdcage with pink roses and ivy for the card table. We made our own table decorations and I handpainted tiny little votive cups as favors for all of the guests.

I wish I could show you the fine detail of my wedding dress, the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen. It had tiny round beads painted inside with silver and long white beads, handstitched with spiderweb thin silver thread to form delicate scrolls and flowers...along the hem and building up to a pyramid, bursting with sparkle on the front of my dress. Teeny tiny white buttons led down my back, leading the eye to a train that billowed out with immaculate beauty.

I wish I could tell you how confident Matt and I were when we got married. We were so SURE of our decision, so at EASE with our wedding. There was no cold feet, second thoughts. We had already given each other our hearts, we had already become devoted to one another, we were READY to give ourselves wholly to one another. We were SO ready to give of ourselves for the others benefit, SO ready to share each day with one another, so ready to be united as one. This despite the fact that many thought we were making a mistake marrying so young (I was not even 21) and even tried to dissuade us from making the plunge.

We thought only of one another and of the future life we would have together. And what we saw on that day, were shadows. Shadows of flowers, shadows of well-wishers, shadows of food and light, and decorations. The only thing in focus was our love: the sparkle in each others' eyes, the smile that played on the others' lips. And the promise that our lives were dear and precious to one another, and that they WOULD be for the rest of our days.

It was a beautiful day and is a beautiful memory even today, nearly five years later. Such a wonderful thing to think on. I am so glad that I did!
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