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Friday, February 16, 2007

One more thing....

of the not-so-FUN nature...

Oh joy.

Everyone has heard about the Peter Pan peanut butter recall, right? Well...we just happened to own one of those contaminated jars-nearly half gone.

My Panda has had some pretty terrible problems "down below" for a few weeks now and I have been wracking my brains to figure out the cause. At first I suspected it was still leftover 'flu', but it is STILL hanging on. I also weaned Andrew around that time and started diluting cows milk for him to drink in my stead. You aren't TECHNICALLY supposed to give cows milk to babies under a year, and Andrew is 10 months. So then I thought it might have been a reaction to the milk.

Now I wonder if it may have been Peter Pan all along. In fact, it may not have been the flu here after all...Matt and Corynn might have all consumed the Peanut Butter! It is a bit odd that I never got sick...but I never did eat any of that Peanut Butter.

Anyway-before our trip I am going to take stool samples to the hospital to confirm the presence of salmonella. They said I would be fine to leave for the weekend but now I am terribly afraid for my little guy. Salmonella must be treated, and from what I understand, it can get WORSE...I am kindof a basketcase.

If Andrew has been so sick for weeks now-I shouldn't be that concerned about a few days...but on the other hand-his counts could be so high that he could be in great danger.

If you feel compelled please pray for my Panda and his safety during this weekend as we await the results.

As with many possible conditions, one always looks to the worst possible scenario and I am SURE I am overreacting. But times like this, when there is 'possibility' of something harmful, always open my eyes wide to the possibility of my child being taken from me. As much as I like to believe it, I am not immune to anguish...it can happen unexpectedly and at any moment. So, as trivial as it seems, my hearts still cries out "Lord, protect my son!"


Paula said...

Oh Rebecca!! We will pray!!!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be praying for all of you!
Peace and blessings,
Michelle from MI

Tracy said...

Rebecca, we had one too, and both my children have been sick with what I thought was a stomach flu since December, when we opened our jar. Once I read about the contamination and did some reading up on it, I found that their symptoms fit salmonella perfectly.

This is copied from the CDC site, I hope it helps to comfort you.

How can Salmonella infections be treated?

Salmonella infections usually resolve in 5-7 days and often do not require treatment unless the patient becomes severely dehydrated or the infection spreads from the intestines. Persons with severe diarrhea may require rehydration, often with intravenous fluids. Antibiotics are not usually necessary unless the infection spreads from the intestines, then it can be treated with ampicillin, gentamicin, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, or ciprofloxacin. Unfortunately, some Salmonella bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, largely as a result of the use of antibiotics to promote the growth of feed animals.

Tammy L said...

I'll be praying!! I would feel the same way if it were my little one!!

BY the way... I think in general there is less chance of allergic reactions to cow's milk at 10 months than there is to peanut butter at that same age. I was thinking that peanuts were one of the foods recommended to wait as long as possible before introducing... many doctors recommend yogurt and such for babies under a year old. Although, I did wait until a year to give mine cow's milk products. :)

Charree said...

I am praying for you and your family.

Kelli said...

Oh, Rebecca, I will be praying. Please keep us updated.

Carmichael Family said...

Yikes! I will definitely be praying for your little guy! I hadn't heard about the peanut butter recall...maybe it isn't affecting the West Coast? I hope Andrew recovers quickly!

Mrs. B. said...

We will indeed be praying. We hope all will be well and that you can enjoy your weekend.

Christine said...

I am praying for your sweet little guy!

smilnsigh said...

Oh Rebecca, is there any way you can call the hospital, where you took the samples to be tested? Even while on the trip? And see if they can give you the results yet.