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Saturday, February 24, 2007

a good concept

I liked this because the lock served as an interesting frame for Corynn. I am just disappointed it is so blurry. I suppose, if I had set up a tri-pod outside of the bathroom door to avoid camera shake I could have avoided the blur. But I don't know how that might have looked being at a restaurant and all. I might have revealed how WACKO I really AM!

I am glad I thought it up and I will try to do a better VERSION of it if ever I find a good lock. It was a good concept, anyhow.
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Michelle said...

How neat! It is a fun concept. You are braver than I, though, for trying it at a restaurant. I am glad you left the tripod at home. I wouldn't want to see you on the 6-o'clock news! :D

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I am really into photography and taking pics of my kids as well. This is an awesome idea. I have NEVER seen this done before, and I look at a lot of photography! Very cool!! If you don't mind how did you do it? Did you just put the camera up to the lock and click? Please share your secret. LOL!!! By the way I sort of like the blur, almost looks antiquish (not sure how to spell that)!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt rebecca that is the really( i say) cuttest pic that i have ever seen. it is almost like" share the secret" love ya


Mrs. B. said...

I think you need to take your tripod and go back to the restaurant. Just tell them 'excuse me' I would like to take a picture of my daughter through your bathroom keyhole. I bed it would make their day!!!! I know it would make mine to hear that you did it. It is such a neat idea to frame the picture in this way. So unique, like you!!!

Rebecca said...

hahaha! Don't tempt me Mrs. B!!! :-)

anonymous~oh, I used a very techical method of holding it up to the hole! :-) hehehe. The key is to NOT use flash-if you use flash, then the actual door gets highlighted. My problem is I just have a small little digital so it doesn't do well with low light situations. Thank you for being gracious! :-)

Samantha~Hey you! Thanks for checking my blog and writing something! That was a nice surprise!

Michelle~I know. That just wouldn't be pretty! :-)

abigail said...

I love this!