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Friday, February 09, 2007

Cheesecake question: Answered

Bad timing, I know-following a post like the one above. Hopefully, this doesn't impair one's judgement...

I hate anonymous comments. Well, I don't HATE them...actually, I LOVE them, but I do hate that I don't know the names of the people when I want to talk to them. I think of the people who read my blog as friends and it just feels wrong that the 'friends' don't have names...

SO~pardon the impersonal nature of this next statement...

One of you anonymous persons, whoever you are, asked about cheesecake recipes and I won't let you down! :-)

I am not a cheesecake connossieur and so I am not a good one to ask-BUT. I have friends who make the most delectable cheesecakes ever and I would heartily recommend theirs (as I have personally gained pounds from their deliciousness!)

Here are two links...follow them at your own risk!
Two Tone Cheesecake and Cappucino Cheesecake Pie

The two-tone cheesecake recipe link actually takes you to a blog devoted only to recipes of a dear friend of mine, just chock FULL of edible treasures...there are even a few other cheesecake recipes there that I HAVEN'T had the pleasure of taste-testing.

When I say, at your own risk...I mean it! :-)
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