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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas-revised.

with the Five Swells of Sickness!!

WARNING: Gross Post ahead!

Ah yes. The night light. I saw it many times last night and eventually, the beauty I always found radiating began to dim.

When I finally headed to bed (at 1 am), I went to the childrens room to tuck them in and whisper my nightly "I Love You"s then headed to the bathroom to prepare for my own bed when just a few moments later I heard Corynn sputtered and gasping. She had thrown up and was crying and it had gotten EVERYWHERE!

So, (again, at 1 am) I changed her clothes, changed the sheets and pillow on the bed and washed her up (all the while Andrew woke up and was chattering away...).

By 2am, Corynn had called me three MORE times. I vaguely recall at another point in the pre-dawn hours, Matt getting up and changing a post-vomitus Corynn again.

At six o'clock this morning, I heard the now very familiar sounds and shot out of bed-a moment too late. Corynn was crying, as was Andrew. I went to pick him up and lo and behold-the Panda had been sick during the night as well.


A 6am bathtime, two sets of sheets, three loads of nasty laundry, four pairs of PJ's, and a huge disinfecting party later-we *may* be over the hump. (?)

Okay, now I am REALLY tired. Why am I so foolish sometimes? Why would I not embrace sleep like a long lost friend when I am able? I am a silly, stupid girl.

That's why.


Morgan said...

I hope all of you are doing better. This too shall pass...repeat...this too shall pass. I have been there many times. We will keep you in our prayers. Take care.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry to hear of the sickness your sweet babes had to endure. I remember going through something like that a month or so ago... not fun!! I hope they are on the mend now.

I must admit it is a cruel thing to do to someone suffering from morning sickness to follow up a throw up post with a cheesecake post. Excuse me while I go gag now! (Just pickin') :D Just this morning, as I hadn't eaten a pancake yet, I was separating two boys who were pestering each other. I began to gag, all the while telling them they had better sit on the couch! I managed to stop the gagging with a hefty slice of meatloaf. I do hope this gets over with SOON! This is the first time I have been through this, though, so I have MUCHO sympathy for ladies who endure this over and over. Well. That had nothing to do with anything! :P

Take care!

Michelle (well, I am only semi-anonymous!)

Rebecca said...

Thanks Morgan! The children seem perkier so I am looking forward with HIGH hopes, to a good nights rest tonight!

Michelle...I actually typed a warning for those PREGNANT and then decided to delete it because it probably would repulse everyone...but I did think of you and Wendy, especially!

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhh, what a night! Oh dear. One of those memories of Mommy-hood which you won't laugh about.. till a lot later. But... betcha' you will... eventually. :-)


Homeschoolmummyx3 said...

As I sat here reading I thought, "Boy did I just write that myself?" LOL One time "J" was sick like that and our bedroom was closer to the bathroom than his and I could shoot out of bed faster knowing the warning signs to get him to the bathroom quicker. LOL I did that at least 5 times that night. The poor little one. We snuggled and snoozed the following day. I hope you and your little ones are feeling better now.


Paula said...

Poor thing!! I hope she is feeling better. Been there and done that! I too have a light sleep on those night listening for the "warning" signs that something is about to happen! And each child has different warning signs! LOL!! Growing up, my mom had a bucket that she always gave us whenever we felt sick. We threw up in the bucket. I have one for my daughters too. I go RUNNING into their room with the bucket and problem solved - no more messy clean ups! The older ones now can be responsible enough for making sure they throw up in the bucket, but the little ones still need help. :)