What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


What a busy week is in store for me this week! Nearly every day there is something going on!

Today we are having company.

Tomorrow is (hopefully) crochet night.

Thursday is a Valentine Making Party for some ladies from church.

Since I am the one with the *brilliant* idea, it is I that is heading this shin-dig up. Therefore, the Valentine Making Party is constantly on my thoughts as I try to plan and prepare food, decorations, card ideas, activities, etc. It is only that I want it to be a fabulous party that I grumble so. What can I do to make it exceptional? How can I encourage the non-crafty to leave, happy with their work? How can I make the home (not my own) festive and the atmosphere friendly?

I really do LOVE to plan parties. I am in my element, so don't believe my grumbles. Truly.
I will be encouraging the ladies present to make several cards, setting one aside especially to send to the older people from the church Home or for missionaries abroad. If anyone has any suggestions...please feel free to post them here. I would love to read them. I LOVE to wade through party details...and now I could USE them for this party.

I do plan to make several 'sample' cards to show some 'inspiration' to those who need it, which means I need to get scrapping!

I don't have much time this morning to type all that I would like (lucky for you!),. I have MUCH to do before company arrives this morning. (Remember, we left the house in disarray to escape the gnawwing of the little beastie. Which, by the way, escaped...) Perhaps I will be able to post more of my adventures tomorrow.

Have a pleasant day!


Wendy said...

I think your valentine idea is lovely. When I was living in W. PA our church used to send Christmas cards with personal messages to the members of the RP Home...they loved that..and many became pen pals of sorts. Unfortunatley I have no real ideas for you, as I dont even know if my hubby and I will be celebrating Valentines...I am sure that it will be fabulous whatever you decide to do.

smilnsigh said...

Have fun with all your happenings.

Beware the *beastie*.

Or you could make a little red cape for him, kind of like a little flying squirrel Cupid, maybe?

Eeeek! I know, I know. I am soooo *baddd.* I know. -giggles-


Mrs.Monise said...

What a darling site! I will be stopping by to visit you again and have a Blessed Day!

Helpmate said...

You are busy! Not only with your week, but with your canning. How impressive! Homemade always tastes so much better than store-bought.

Mrs. B. said...

Have fun at your party! It is so fun to plan and look forward to things.

Did you get rid of your flying 'friend'?

devildogwife said...

I have a post on my blog that has several different websites listed that have lots of creative ideas for Valentine's Day.

Kelli said...

I love the idea of a card making Valentine party! I think it's very smart to show a few samples. LIttle paper heart doilies are always nice to add to homemade cards...I saw several different colors at Walmart the other day.

I was looking at a few old Martha Stewart issues tonight and was reminded of a cute drink idea. Take some sugar and mix in some red food coloring until the sugar looks pink. Get some wine/champange glasses and moisten the edges and dip them in the pink sugar. Then serve pink punch inside them. Very pretty for Valentine's Day!

I can't wait to hear how everything went!


Momma Roar said...

I love your site, I'll be coming back again! I can't believe all the canning you do, wow, I hope to learn the art sometime, or find the time!

Blessings from southeast PA!

Rebecca said...

Mrs. Bibby~ No such luck. In fact, it escaped, though we have no idea how. I can only hope it escaped OUTSIDE but I think I have heard a few scurries in the walls. The saga continues...

DevilDogwife~ I didn't know what devildogwide meant and Matt (my husband) came up behind me and said, Oh-they must be a marine corp family and SURE ENOUGH! Thanks for the info! That was great!

Helpmate and Mama Roar~ thankfully, this is the time of year that I can take a breather and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Last summer was only my second year of canning, so I was pleased with the outcome. If you want to learn-grab your recipes by the horn and start. That is what I did-it is a lot of work-but it is easy work. If you have any questions...feel free to ask. I will TRY and answer them, or direct you to a place that can!

Kelli~What a great idea! I love it! I am heading out to get some crafty supplies today-I will try the dollar store first and then go from there.

Smilnsigh~you ARE bad and what I would call (most affectionately, mind you) a BIG STINKPOT! :-)

Wendy~You have to most romantic husband I have ever met, I HIGHLY doubt you will get off scotch free for V-day. And you get a double whammy with that baby shower too! :-)

Mrs. Monise~ Thanks so much for stopping by!

Elizabeth said...

I have tried to leave you comments multiple times, to no avail. Apparently blogger doesn't like me. I just wanted you to know that I am trying to comment, just not having much luck.

It's too bad that I am so late, because I'm sure it's too late to offer Valentines Suggestions. But as crafty as you are, I'm sure you have my ideas and then some swarming in that pretty little head of yours.

Anyhow, have a wonderful party- as great of a hostess you are, you'll have your party wrapped up in a sweet, sugary pink bow in no time!!!

Rebecca said...

It is NEVER too late to comment, Elizabeth, and I need all the help I can get...so if you read this in time: offer away!

Elizabeth said...

So here goes my ideas, however like I said, I'm sure you have far better ones.

1. Trace your hand out of card stock or construction paper, then cut out. Also cut out a smallish size heart. glue the heart in the hand. Decorate wrist area with a little pretty patterned paper, a little lace, and a button. Voila, a victorian valentine, simple and sweet :) Can be embellished more for the creative person by adding more details!

2. Recycle old cards (don't have to be Valentines, just pretty) Glue on new cardstock and decorate with pretty bits of ribbon, fabric (or patterned paper) and buttons for an easy yet pretty card.

3. Stamps make easy cards too- Some people get nervous about the whole stamp pad issue. Use washable markers instead to help give stamp even color and less nervousness. Same as #2, embellish with little extras to make a pretty Valentine.

These were my ideas, you probably have better ones, but whatever you do, have fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and to clarify #1. the lace and patterned paper make it look like a sleeve of a victorian gown.

Rebecca said...

Elizabeth~I LOVE that first idea especially! That is great! I envision beading fishing line for bracelets too! Thank you !