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Monday, July 09, 2007

as if that weren't enough...

I found this Ball Jar cannister pitcher. Something I have coveted for a while now. WA-HOO!
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Gena said...

Lucky! I want one of those, too. We have some very similar tastes, I believe.

Michelle said...

That is neat! I never even knew there was such a thing. I would like to get away from the plastic containers to store things in, so this would be nice... Now, just to keep my eyes peeled for one. I don't think I will be doing much yardsaling in this weather and in my beached whale condition-haha! :)

~~Anne said...

Ooh, lucky you, Rebecca! I have wanted one of these for a long time too. In fact, just last night I was looking at it again in the Gooseberry Patch catalog and thinking how nice it would be to have one. But I'm certainly not willing to pay the $28.95 price they are asking. I'll bet you got yours for a super price.


Rebecca said...

I had just finished perusing an antique shop that had one for sale for $15.00. It was a tad larger, but I didn't even want to pay that much. So I held off.

The very NEXT yard sale I went to had one..and I got it for $3.00.

I was super excited.

I had been looking in the Gooseberry Patch catalog. I have also seen them in the Victorian Trading Co. catalog. I think they were $19.99 there.