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Friday, July 06, 2007

Jibber Jabber

Maybe it is just me, but I adore seeing children sleep. They are just the cutest little beings when they sleep. Love how they nestle themselves in. Little arms tucked under. Knees up to your chest. Don't know HOW that can be comfortable-but for some reason it is.

Posting this picture is ASKING for trouble, because when my Mom sees it, she is gonna flip out. Oh dear me, she can't STAND to see babies just in diapers. Even if the house is boiling at 80-90 degrees. I am gonna hear it, you know, but chances are-it won't be for a while. She sporatically checks my blog, so she *might* just miss it. I guess I will take that chance.

Panda bear (who now breaks out in a HUGE grin when he hears his pet name) has been sleeping in a playpen ever since he outgrew his cradle. When we thought we had to move this spring, we didn't bother setting up the crib-just to take it back down. So we waited. Months have passed, with no hints to us needing to move and within those months weeks, and within those weeks, mornings when I have woken my boy up from sleeping straight on the hard plyboard.

Enough was enough, I said. Poor little guy. So-I cleared out the space under the stairs, put that playpen AWAY (and good riddance-it is a hideous thing!) and pulled out all the crib stuff. When we opened the bag that was securely taped to the crib we found that the hardware was missing. The bag, mind you, WAS securely taped BECAUSE when we got the crib it didn't have hardware and I spent almost $200.00 on hardware alone to replace it. I didn't EVER want that to happen again!)

So. I refuse to spend ANOTHER $200.00 on an old, supposedly 'free' crib and now Andrew is resigned to sleep in the portapack. Just a SMALL step up from plyboard, this at least has SOME padding. I will be heading to some yard sales in the coming weeks, in hopes to find a comfortable cage for the Panda in our midst.

He doesn't seem to mind. Too much.
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bibbymj said...

They say children should be dressed as their parents. So you get the picture!? Anyway, our boys always slept like that. And I am of the same generation as your dear sweet momma. Just tell her Mrs. B. said that it was fine. :-)

Heather K said...

what a beautiful photo! You've got some really good ones on here! you really went all out for the 4th!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I loved it when both of my children were babies and they slept with their bottom in the air. It was so cute.

You just want to pick them up and cuddle them.

Gena said...

I, too, love the little sleeping baby bottoms. My last one, though, still sleeps straight out, on her tummy, with her arms straight underneath her. So funny. She would do the same thing if I were holding her and she got tired. She also sleeps ON her face. Actually on her face. Scares me to death. She is 8 now, so it isn't so bad, but still...

Julieann said...

So sweet!!!! How old is your baby, Rebecca? The pictures of both children sleeping are just precious.


Rebecca said...

Gena~that would scare me too! I am kinda of freak-out Mama when it comes to SIDS. A HUGe fear for me! Like you said, it would REALLY help that she was EIGHT. ;-)

Julieann~my babies are 1 and 3 born in april and september, respectively. Funny thing is, they were both born on the 2nd of their month! :-)

Julieann said...

They sure are sweet Rebecca:) Thank you for answering my question. You have an April baby too:)


Abigail said...

You might as well go buy a boutique crib for that price. Yikes! Not to fear, though. Our girls always sleep in the pack n' play until they learn to climb (and fall) out of it onto the floor, and they haven't suffered any damage from doing so. (Um. I hope....)