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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peace offering

...or at least to hold you over.

You know those 'secret tutorials' I was planning to share? Well. I am STILL planning to share them, but after one week (or was it two???) having passed...those of you just waiting on the edge of your seat :) might have thought I have abandoned you.

I haven't. So, to appease you just a bit, I post pictures of the ballerina skirts in question. With an explanation. I ran into a few glitches with the skirt I made for Corynn. I figured out the problem and prepared to make my next skirt with problems resolved. That one turned out nice, but I wasn't entirely happy with it. The skirt seemed to need more bushyness.

When I make a tutorial, I want it to be good-and the first two weren't good ENOUGH.
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Gena said...

I love these little skirts! I know a few little ones who would love one of these for Christmas. I'm looking forward to your tutorial.

Mrs. H said...

I just bought some tulle last night to make my dd a tutu! I hope I can get to it before we leave on vacation tomorrow. She is really into princesses and ballerinas right now.

Mrs. H

Abigail said...

I picked up some tulle at a rummage sale this past spring in order to make a ballerina skirt for my poor, costume-deprived girls. I love the idea of flower-filled ones, and I think the colors you chose are perfect. They'll love them!