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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

then-he ate the evidence

He ATE it. The whole TIP.

He ate it RIGHT OFF.

This business of raising a boy-child is... interesting.

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Adrienne said...

Oh, my boy-child was the easy one to raise. But I could have had a warehouse full of pictures like yours -- of my girl-child. Now she's a momma to 3 and she understands those days from a different perspective. She often says to me, "Mom, don't use the word 'pay-back'"! Enjoy every minute with him, frustrating as they may be. Time goes so fast and suddenly you will be watching him raise children of his own. I'm loving it that part, too.

Elizabeth said...

Love this one, just so you know! I hope he doesn't get a bellyache though!

Mrs. B. said...

What will make you laugh about it is when you change his diaper, and behold!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh Mrs. B.........too funny!

Raising boy-children certainly is interesting. I'm right there with ya, sister.

Michelle said...

You are finding out the joys of raising little men! hehe I have had so many of those days where I was so mad I could spit over what they had done, too. Then, they give me a sweet little smile and I tend to get over it rather quickly. We haven't had many run ins with markers, I guess because with 3 boys 5 and under we have them banned until further notice! LOL I won't tell you how many crayon pieces I have found in diapers, though! ;)

Something that works really well for walls and such that can stand scrubbing are those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They aren't good for little boys, though. A scrubby pad and time is what THAT takes!

Anonymous said...

Oh this made me laugh so much...if only because I can expect such similiar situations from my own child one day.

Mrs. Bowen

Abigail said...

Susannah has eaten a few tips off herself, but nowhere near as many as Annika ate when she was her age. I'm surprised Annika's skin is brown. By all rights, it should be rainbow-hued.

He's dripping with pathos in this picture. I feel like giving him a cookie!