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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A first...

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Any quilters out there who need some inspiration?

or better yet...

Anyone who want to LEARN how to quilt but need some TANGIBLE, EASY and hands-on instructions to do so?

Having dabbling in quilting several times before, I belong in BOTH the above categories.

I just recently was led to a Flickr group swap called Block of the Month.

After reading the instructions, I decided this would be a PERFECT opportunity for me to finally get my quilting goals off and running for this year. The main jist of it is this: you make a block and then SWAP it with someone else! One block per month, but you only sign up one month at a time. So-if after one month, it is too much, there is no obligation to keep going and you can use that one block to create a hotpad. If you enjoy it, you can keep participating until you have enough blocks to make a quilt! For more specific details, go here.

The very BEST part about it is this??? Sunshine Creations posts step by step tutorials (with LOTS of pictures and EASY written instructions) for a block each month. You can make your own block to swap if you are experienced, OR you can follow the suggested block in the tutorial.

You know what else? You don't even need to participate in the swap to get the fabulous tutorials each month! Just hop on over to her blog each month and learn a new block!


YOU can learn to quilt! To do piecing! For free! AND-if you decide to do the swap-you can also get mail AND surprises each month!

As for me, I eagerly signed up and eagerly anticipate the start of it. I would love to know if anyone else joins, so let me know! Just remember: don't sign up if you don't plan to follow through on the month.

If you participate in the swap, you can request color schemes. My pick was to have Robin's egg blue throughout the quilt. I plan to make two blocks per tutorial...one to mail off and one to keep-probably in pinks. That way, in the end, I will have BLUE blocks for a quilt for the Panda
and pink ones to make a quilt for Little Miss.

Now-scoot on over to those links and see how cool this really is! and then, sign up-sign ups are only until the 5th of every month so you only have a short while until Augusts' swap will be closed!

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Morgan said...

What a great idea! I would love to try but I am not sure I have what I need to start aside from fabric. Thanks for sharing the information!